First concert at the Altherscher Hof

Coast. “Right to the top without rehearsals” – this is more the case of the newly formed band of the evening, whose poetic and musical blues resound by the lake. Because at the first “Altherschen Hof” Festival of Lights, drummer Sven Helbig from the Uznam band “Devons”, Bluesrausch Steffen Rausch on the piano and guitarist Arne Tank will perform on stage for the first time. However, the hosts took a long time to start up and planned the evening with care and intensive preparation.

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“We want to be more open to public opinion and now we are giving an impetus. For the first time, we are really satisfied – it’s great that so many have come to us, ”says Petra Albrecht-Cool, manager and friend of the Alther family. The lord of the court is also happy about it. “We were prepared and had a plan B, but it’s great that the weather is fine,” adds Uwe Alther. Visitors emphasize the special charm of trees, flowers, the lake and the pier.

On the occasion of the festival of lights, the lake, bushes, trees and the footbridge were to shine.

“It’s a hidden treasure, a gem that we only got to know on the last Open Gardens Day. Sometimes you can’t believe what else there is to discover in our region, ”says Elke Plötz from Barth. Because on the hidden path the road is not that easy to find. Signs and a watering can are signposts leading to the property. “We asked in the village where we should go. We were very surprised, the atmosphere is really great and today we brought some friends with us, ”continued Plötz. Girlfriend Eleonore Tewes adds: “The music fits very well, the band is relaxed, they also have some funny sayings ready and the garden is just beautiful. Even our people like it.

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“A real highlight at the end of the week”

Leon Pfister and mom Peggy from Grimmen also like the first concert “very. The atmosphere and music are great, the weather is good and it’s really nice. ” Even if they both know the area well, there is always something new to discover. “I didn’t want to miss the concert. It’s always nice to see a property unfold in so many details. The evening is a real highlight for the week to end, ”say the two Grimmeners.

A compliment that the organizers are pleased with. “We want to take an artistic direction with such events, offer more variety and develop further,” explains Albrecht-Cool. Because in addition to renting out to holiday guests, the farm would also be an ideal venue for weddings, summer parties and family celebrations. Pulses to be initiated and used in the future.

The organizers Rena (left) as well as Uwe Alther and Petra Albrecht-Cool are satisfied.

The organizers Rena (left) as well as Uwe Alther and Petra Albrecht-Cool are satisfied. “We want to relate to such events in the artistic direction.”

The Althersche Hof has over a century of history. The property has been owned by the family for 111 years and has been undergoing constant changes, especially since it was acquired by Renna and Uwe Alther. “My grandfather ran a farm during both world wars. After reunification, we took over and redesigned the entire property, ”explains Alther.

The 98-hectare estate with the main house, a developed smithy, guest houses and a garden, which has been designed in several parts with a lake and riverbeds, has long been known to visitors for the “Open Garden Day”. Last time, visitors were able to follow the farm through the changing seasons through a presentation. “It was very well received. We always have new ideas. Suffice it to say – we came up with something new for the next meeting, ”says Alther with a smile. Visitors can find out what exactly on September 3rd and 4th.

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by Christine Assmann

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