Friedrichshafen: People with little money will soon be able to go to a concert with a ticket for one euro

From next season, those who have little money can go to the theater, concert or ballet for one euro. From the upcoming seasons, Kulturbüro will sell the remaining tickets half an hour before the show starts for 1 euro. The offer is valid for pupils, students, interns, volunteers and Häfler card holders. For those with little money, a visit to the Graf-Zeppelin Haus (GZH), Kiesel or Fischbach train station is cheaper than a drink in the beer garden. “We want someone to be unable to come to us because they cannot afford it,” says Florian Kind of the culture office.

The € 1 ticket will be presented by the Cultural Office team during the morning at Graf Zeppelin House. Marlene Rall opened it on a marimba. In “Ein Liebeslied?” The 15-year-old winner of “Jugend Musiziert” allows sounds to come out of nothing that gently come to life, flash for a moment, and then disappear into nothingness. Later, in “Hombre d’août”, she alternates between reflective and dance passages as freely as she is a virtuoso herself.

On a morning at Graf Zeppelin House, many residents accepted the offer to stay for a drink and a chat.

On a morning at Graf Zeppelin House, many residents accepted the offer to stay for a drink and a chat. | Photo: Corinna Raupach

The meeting should be about getting to know each other, says culture office manager Sarah Baltes: “You may want to know who is responsible for the cultural program. We want to know who our clients are and what they want. We want us to engage in an exchange ”. For about two and a half years he has been managing the culture office. After three retirements and one job shift, almost all of her house’s staff has changed since then.

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Nikolaus Henseler is rehearsing the Brahms piece with his Camerata Serena before the next a cappella concert on July 10.

Sarah Baltes comes from the Saarland, studied musicology and cultural management in Weimar, Jena and Paris, worked for concert organizers and cultural foundations, and sings a chorister with passion. She is responsible for focusing on music and has already introduced two new formats: This year the season begins with “Kultur im Hafen” with artists from the region. There will also be a touring concert again, in which the audience will pass towards Eriskircher Ried with musical interludes.

Florian Kind is responsible for the literary and drama program. He studied literary studies and theater studies in Konstanz and Frankfurt am Main, worked in publishing houses and cultural mediation. “It was my great wish to go back to the lake and help develop the culture here,” he says. In addition to substantive topics, he is particularly interested in access to culture for young people and people on low incomes.

15-year-old Marlene Rall is creating a marimbaphone support program.

15-year-old Marlene Rall is creating a marimbaphone support program. | Photo: Corinna Raupach

Melanie Eisele is an outspoken fan of cinema and ballet. Since 2018, he has been designing a program at the Fischbach station and is responsible for film and dance. Häflerin studied literature, art and media studies in Konstanz and was managing director of the Caserne cultural association. It is also about getting in touch with the audience: “I’m looking forward to a lively exchange and I hope we can enjoy the culture together next season.”

Cultural mediation and educational offers

Juliane Nagy is responsible for cultural mediation and educational offerings. She studied art history, business administration and history, worked at the Städel Museum in Frankfurt and is a board member of the Markdorfer Kunstverein. “First of all, it is important for me to be interested in the culture of children and adolescents,” he says.

Daniel Schweizer studied ceramics and painting in the US and for ten years organized a cultural program at the Molke youth center. “Since I was 15, I have been organizing concerts and festivals in many formats. Now I have a great task to organize the Kulturufera – he says. This year’s program already bears his signature.

The offer is well received: the chamber hall is almost full and the guests stay in the foyer after the official program and look for a conversation.


For the upcoming season, Kulturbüro Friedrichshafen will offer an optional subscription for the first time: Those who book four or more events at the Graf Zeppelin House or at the Fischbach train station will receive a 35 percent discount on the subscription. This subscription is available throughout the season. In the future, all subscribers will also receive a 35 percent discount on other events in the subscription program.

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