Goodbye procrastination! This is how you end up getting things done

Beat procrastination: top tips

You don’t feel like procrastinating anymore and you do finally start over organized and orderlyso as not to finally have so much stress? These tips and tricks can help you with this.

take care of things immediately

If an important task or activity comes in your way, take it over immediately. For example, even if you don’t have a term paper for three months, you should start the assignment immediately so you don’t end up in the same procrastination and procrastination cycle. Follow for example The 72-hour rule. This means that you should start the quest no later than 72 hours after receiving it. Take the first step in the first three days and the workflow has started. when did you start it is also easier for you to keep going and you will definitely not put off your activities any longer.

Schedule enough time

Many people who procrastinate underestimate how much time a task really takes and plan too little time to get it done. Don’t make that mistake anymore and plan your time for the task very generously. Leave a time buffer so that you have enough time to complete the task, even after any failed attempts.

designated goals

You displace and suppress until the task is finally thrown out of your mind completely. You know it? Then it’s time to set clear goals. Visualize your plans. Help there To-do lists for example very well. time management is also an important point. By when do you want to finish your work or activity?

set priorities

Especially when you have waited for a long time and the tasks have not been completed, it is difficult to start with chaos. It is then especially important to prioritize. Which task is really urgent and which you should definitely tackle first? Write down your priorities or visualize your plans so you don’t get lost in the chaos again and end up doing more unnecessary but more enjoyable things first.

break down tasks

Are you having difficulty completing a big task? next Break them into small pieces and make them step by step. Sometimes it’s easier to complete a task step by step. Document your work steps and mark them on your to-do list. This provides a sense of achievement between them and greater motivation to continue acting and getting one step closer to the final goal.

celebrate success

Speaking of success stories. These are amazing important for the progress of your activities and can make a big difference in procrastination. If you have successfully completed a task or step in the task, celebrate that success. Be proud of what you have achieved so far and look back at the hard work you put in. If it isn’t Crazy Motivational Booster is!

Work in a team

Are you losing your head? Ask for help. Sometimes it’s easier to do things together and bond with others. Maybe your best friend still has a deadline. Then meet to work together. It helps if you don’t feel alone with the mountain of tasks and you can motivate each other to stay on the ball.

get rid of distractions

The cell phone rings, the TV is on in the background, the washing machine squeals ready. There are enough distractions in everyday life. Try to create a distraction-free environment for yourself before going to work. Set your phone to “do not disturb” and get rid of any other distractions that may be holding you back from achieving your goal. The next few hours are just to get the job done.

create routines

Did you tick off an important task? Excellent! Then you can be proud of yourself. But just don’t go back to old patterns of behavior. Your to-do list includes other tasks that you need to complete. If you really want to be productive, you should create routines. For example, how about making a reservation every Sunday afternoon to check your to-do list step by step?

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