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Johannes Oerding in Braunschweig: They say it’s going to rain for so long

30/07/2022, 15:20

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Johannes Oerding gives a concert in Braunschweig. He is known as a pop singer and trainer on “The Voice of Germany” and as the host of “Sing mein Song”. The photo shows Oerding in Hamburg City Park in July last year.

Photo: Marcelo Hernandez / FUNKE Photo Services

Pop singer Johannes Oerding gives an open-air concert in Raffteichbad, Braunschweig. It is expected to rain. You must know that too.

Johannes Oerding Come after Brunswick! Vocalist and songwriter, best known for his latest album number 1 “Konturen”, gives an outdoor concert on the Braunschweiger stage Raffteichbad. inlet is from 18:30 Event starts at 20:00 with support Gregor Hägele.

First Oerding fans they are already on the stage Raffteichbad arrived and is looking forward to the beginning of the concert. About 7,500 tickets were sold.

Oerding is also known for his television appearances on “The Voice of Germany” (as coach) and “Sing mein Song” (as host). He brings with him a gold and platinum discography to Brunswick. Everything is ready for the “good times” today, as Oerding’s most famous song says. What fans should know about the concert and the person.

Are there any tickets for the Johannes Oerding concert in Braunschweig?

Concert tickets are only available on a limited basis at the Braunschweiger Konzertkasse (also known as Funke Niedersachsen). Tickets for 50.25 euro are still available at Eventim.

What will the weather be like at the concert?

This weather at the concert in Braunschweig is included in the price at 20.00 21 degrees fashionable, trendy, popular. According to 3:15 p.m. it should rain from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. After that the probability of rain according to, 50 percent This means that with this weather pattern, it had rained 5 out of 10 days in the past. Then until midnight there is still a 30 percent chance of rainfall. FROM the sunset scheduled for 21:13 Then temperatures drop to 18 to 19 degrees.

What’s the best way to get to a concert in Braunschweig?

The Undercover concert agency advises you to travel with us bike or bus. Line 418 will run from 18:00, and at the end of the concert, from the Rathaus stop or from Raffteichbad by special buses and with increased frequency. parking place for cars there is Madamenweg on the city side and Neudammstrasse on the B1 / Lamme side. The organizers will provide more information on how to get there.

Can I bring you something to drink?

Yes, but only to a limited extent. Organizer, Volksbank BraWo scene writes: “It is allowed to bring only – only non-alcoholic (!) – drinks up to the size of the container max. 0.5l per person in a TetraPak or in a plastic bottle (PET / without lid) allowed. Larger packages – i.e. over 0.5 liters – as well as glass or cans are not allowed, and you are not allowed to bring food with you. “

What am I not allowed to bring to the concert?

The organizer also has a statement ready to say: “It will be Security check and luggage at the entrance so please be prepared for a longer waiting time at the entrance. In addition, you cannot (!) Bring to the event area: large bags, backpacks (larger than DIN A4!), (Folding) chairs, (picnic) blankets, umbrellas or umbrellas (also “tots”), all kinds of weapons, fireworks and pyrotechnics, aerosol cans (e.g. deodorant, hairspray), glass bottles / cans (max 0.5l TetraPack / PET (without lid) per person are allowed), all intoxicants, cameras with interchangeable lenses, racist, xenophobic and radical propaganda material, animals … and any other items that may cause injury. “

What cameras are allowed?

This is only pocket cameras allowed. not allowed SLR cameras or basically all cameras from lens. mobile phones are of course allowed! Where Recording prohibited according to the organizer, they should be marked.

Already excited before the concert? Here are some exciting facts about Johannes Oerding

Where is Johannes Oerding from?

The pop singer was born in Oerding in 1981 Muensterhowever it grew on Chapels in Gelderach (Lower Rhine) on. Meanwhile, his adopted home is a Hanseatic city Hamburg.

Who is Johannes Oerding married to?

Of course, real Oerding fans know that the 40-year-old has been with the TV presenter and singer since 2011 Ina Mueller is in a relationship. Müller is known for her show “Ina’s Night” in NDR. There, as well as during their live performances, Oerding and Müller sang a duet, for example their song “I don’t have you more to lose’n”.

What’s the newest song by Johannes Oerding? What’s his latest album?

In March this year, Oerding released the single “Plan A”. This year, he also released a cover album of songs from “Sing mein Song”, including songs by authorship Clueso or Elifa.

Who Discovered Johannes Oerding?

There is no known “discoverer” of Oerding’s talent. However, according to his TV station, Oerding should: ProSieben from an early age he played guitar at student concerts and around the fire. In 2009, he was an act of support for Just red. The tour was his breakthrough. Publicity on television earned him a runner-up in 2013 “Bundesvision Songcontest” by Stefan Raab“. The rest is history lined with gold and platinum records.

When will Johannes Oerding release a new album?

The first single from the new studio album was released with “Plan A” Johannes Oerding. According to the attached press release that appears album in autumn 2022.

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