Mülheim: The Hungry Poet burger puts an end to Lieferando

“Really tired Lieferando”: the burger café “The Hungry Poeta” in Mülheim ends its cooperation with the ordering platform.

The Hungry Poet has made a name for itself in the Mülheim Poets Quarter as a place to buy handmade organic meat burgers. If you want to order burgers and fries from “Hungry Poet” and have them delivered to your home, you can no longer do so via the app and website of the platform Lieferando do. Down “Hungry Poet” that’s enough: “We will say goodbye to Lieferando” – restaurateurs said on Facebook on Friday. It was planned anyway – in fall, actually. But because of acute anger, separation is now preferable.

The operators of “Hungry Poet” accuse Lieferand of this no online payment for five weeks withdraw This problem existed two years ago. During that time, “the fun lasted almost nine weeks.” Only when it is a unicorn lawyer involved the case was resolved within three days.

“Hungry poet” “Lieferando got really tired”

The trial is “with the lawyer again,” writes Mülheimer Burger-Brater, “and it will be resolved quickly, no problem, but we have it really tired Lieferando“. “Leave Lieferando now,” continues the post on Facebook. And indeed: if you search for “Hungry Poet” through Lieferando, you will find the note “Currently no delivery”.

But the people of Mülheim don’t need to be hungry: “Hungry Poet” it also offers them via its own website (the-hungry-poet.de/). Delivery on. There is a 10% discount on the occasion of leaving Lieferando this weekend (30/31 July).

Farewell to Lieferando: “Hungry Poet” is planning discount campaigns for guests

Money that would otherwise go to Lieferando, they would rather invest “in our own development”: “In our employees to improve their situation in difficult times, in more energy-efficient appliances, as well as in Discount campaigns for our gueststo be in solidarity with you. “

Lieferando is always in criticism – due to the working conditions of its own couriers, but also due to its dominance in the industry and the conditions that the platform dictates for working in restaurants and take-away. Since 2019, Lieferando has been almost the only supplier in Germany that covers the entire range: from online orders to delivery, the company offers everything for restaurateurs.

The commission is due for the use of the Lieferando platform

Lieferando made some nice money, especially during the corona crisis. Restaurant operators have to cut off about one-third of their order turnover when Lieferando drivers deliver food. Also A commission is charged for using the platform to place an order – According to The Hungry Poet, 14 percent. plus additional online payment fees.

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“Big online platforms have a lot of added value,” said Ingrid Hartges, CEO of the German Association of Hotels and Restaurants Dehoga, in spring 2021. Employees wear – not portals. There are certainly companies that claim to be many more orders via Lieferando To get. Ultimately a question what is really worth itThe restaurateur can only respond individually and depending on his specific operational situation, ”says Hartges.

“Hungry poet” says Lieferando “goodbye”

The team in “Hungry Poet” obviously answered this question themselves and wants to do without a well-known platform in the future. There is a lot of encouragement to step in on Facebook. “Very understandable,” one fan writes. “You’re doing everything right!” Comments another. “In this sense,” concludes the restaurateurs’ entry on Facebook: “Burgers are amazing, we poets are free, Lieferando goodbye.”

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