“Under Tedesco, we focus more on ourselves”

Dani Olmo could make a difference at RB Leipzig next season. The Spanish international is still a bit under the radar, but that could suddenly change at this year’s World Cup. Before the Super Cup against FC Bayern Munich this Saturday (20:30 / Sky and Sat1) MZ / RBlive reporter Martin Henkel met the 24-year-old and spoke with him in his native language about duels with FCB and DFB, the new spirit of the Leipzig team and the future of Olmo in RB.

Dani Olmo, last summer you were first at the European Championships and then at the Olympics. And then he was wounded for a long time. You went through this preparation unscathed. How are you feeling this season?
Dani Olmo: It’s only been two weeks since the League of Nations matches, but I recovered well.

You were in Spain, robbed after visiting a hairdresser.
It’s not worth talking about. I was with my family, which was good for me, then in Croatia for a few days with my brother.

You are the player with the most titles in RB Leipzig. They were five-time champions with Dynamo Zagreb, three-time cup winners. They are the European U-21 champions, Olympic silver medalists and now also the German Cup winners. What did this RB title mean to you?
It is quite unique compared to the others. The way we won, the way we got there, months earlier, then a huge audience in the final and that match it was made into before: it was special.

Has this title changed anything in the band?
Yes. For most, this is the first title. For the club too. Now we have it, now we want more. But just knowing that no one can take the trophy from us.

Olmo on the red card against RB Leipzig in the cup final: “To tell the truth, we suddenly outnumbered us”

How is the band spirit now?
If you look at the whole of last season, it got a bit worse before we made our way back enormously. After all, there was the Champions League, we were in the Europa League semi-finals and now we are cup winners. This creates a tremendous bond as a group. When we were losing 1-0 in the final and Halste turned red, we lost one, but in fact we suddenly had an advantage. Everyone gathered, not only those on the pitch, but also the entire bank, players, coaches, staff and fans. These are nights that cannot be repeated.

The next title could be the Super Cup against Bayern.
Yes, it could be quick, right? (laughs) Playing against Bayern is always fun. The club is world class. You know it will come true. If you want to win against Bayern you have to play at your limit.

What are the chances? Did you lose the dress-up against Liverpool 0: 5?
It’s a completely different game. It’s all about a title that gives a lot of motivation in itself. If we push ourselves to the limit, we have a good chance. We have proved this in the past.

The Bayern coach is her former coach Julian Nagelsmann. Your current coach is Domenico Tedesco, they both obtained their coaching license together. Do you see the similarities between them?
No, it is not true. Every coach is different, otherwise football would be quite boring. But they are both strategists first and foremost. Both can prepare you well for opponents, but under Domenico we focus more on ourselves. We have developed good dynamics with him.

We have four titles

Dani Olmo

What do you expect from the upcoming season?
A lot of. We have the opportunity to win four titles or play in four competitions. This is what you want as a player. We are extremely motivated. Now we know what it’s like to win something. We want to experience it again. We are a close-knit team and we have high quality.

Is the championship a problem in the locker room?
We’ll see. We definitely have quality to play for more than fourth place. The key to success will be consistent playing at a high level. There are points that simply cannot be given away.

The championship will be interrupted in November for the Qatar World Cup. You’re in, aren’t you?
(laughs) I’m not betting on it. But I feel the coach’s trust – but I have to pay it back. If my performance isn’t good, I won’t be there either. I don’t feel like ordinary.

Are these serious doubts? They haven’t missed a single nomination recently and have worn their home jersey 24 times since 2019.
The coach will nominate for merit, so I’ll have to bring mine. But if I stay at my level then I’m probably in good hands

How do you envision the World Cup in Qatar in the middle of European winter?
It will be a bit strange, mainly due to the climatic conditions. But it’s still the World Cup and like all before, it will be a unique experience.

You meet Germany already in the group stage, players you know well from the Bundesliga. Better for Spain that they would later meet the four-time world champion?
Who knows. But if you want to win the World Cup, you have to make your way. Germany has a top team and the group is complicated. But as I said, if you want to win the World Cup, you have to win with everyone.

You were there when Spain beat Germany 6-0 in November 2020. Is it polite to call the DFB-Elf tough?
no Germany always has a lot of choice. We played a perfect match 6-0 and we have fond memories of it. But two years have passed, it has no bearing on the future. Germany is a big team, they have the best players, playing against them is always a big challenge.

Olmo about his stay in RB Leipzig: “I am not in a hurry to think about my future.”

You have been playing in Leipzig for two and a half years and are considered one of the best young players in Europe. You still have two years of contract. How long will you be seen wearing an RB dress?
At the moment, I feel very comfortable in RB. I am happy and focused on the upcoming season. Together with the World Cup, it will be a very long time. I am motivated. I said it in March and I can only repeat: I am in no rush to think about my future.

Next to you, the most sought-after player on the team is Christopher Nkunku. He has just extended his contract until 2026. As they say, no exit clause. How did you take it?
It was very important to us that “Christo” stay. It is extremely important to our team and also to my game. Knowing that he is playing in front of or next to me makes many things easier for me. We are a good team on the pitch. He knows what I need, I know what he needs. We also get along well personally.

Do you like the Bundesliga?
Absolutely. He has clubs like Dortmund, Bayern, Leverkusen at a very high European level. This is a very difficult and very good place to develop as a player.

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