Bayern’s power and lots of fun in the Women’s European Championship final at Wembley

The mood is good for the German women’s soccer team ahead of the European Championship final on Sunday evening at London’s Wembley Stadium (6pm, broadcast live on BR24 Sport). So good that top goalscorer Alexandra Popp just wore a mustache at a press conference two days before the final.

A deep “Hi,” whispered Germany’s top six-goal scorer in a masked voice as she showed up with a hat on her head. Following the satirical tweet that she should now travel to Qatar as “Alexander Papp” to the Men’s World Cup (who are desperately looking for a goal scorer), the DFB captain made a lot of laughter with her disguise.

Lina Magull fun and quarterback

Captain Popp is not the only jester in the German team striving for a ninth title in Europe. In addition to her, young Laura Freigang and Munich resident Lina Magull also appeared in this role at the European Football Championship in England. Incidentally, Magull watched the scenery around Popp during Friday’s press conference from journalists and the audience.

On the other hand, he shines in the lead role as the German team’s quarterback. The 27-year-old from Munich scored the first goal of the DFB selection thanks to a strong capture in the penalty area and a finish with excellent shooting technique. And she gradually shook off the thigh problems that prevented her from playing in the last group game. She used to watch David Beckham’s free-kick videos on YouTube. “She is our German Beckham,” said Bunte in a post about her at the EM.

Klara Bühl is absent from the EM final on the pitch

There is no doubt that Magull is one of Bayern Munich’s strongest players at this European Championship. But by no means the only one that causes a sensation from a Bavarian point of view in the starting line-up of the currently strong German team. There is also the tireless right-back Giulia Gwinn, who is only 23 years old and somehow has always been there.

Or Klara Bühl, who won the game to the quarter-finals thanks to her agile sprints on the left wing and the sugar assists that followed. But now, also in the finals, due to a corona infection, he is missing. Defense chief Marina Hegering is at least still considered the “half-baker” who is leaving Munich women for Wolfsburg this summer.

Public viewing in the hometown of Däbritz and Huth

There are also native Bavarians Sara Däbritz from Ebermannsdorf and Svenja Huth from Alzenau. On Sunday, their supporters will meet in their hometowns for a public screening. Däbritz has been sorting the German play in the defensive midfielder for years, while Huth provides creative moments on the right flank.

If both of them march off the pitch, there may be three FCB players replacing them. These are the jokers on the DFB team: Linda Dallmann, Sydney Lohmann and Lea Schüller. The latter mainly because she had a corona infection at the beginning of the tournament in England. Popp took her place in the center of the forward and has scored goals in every game ever since.

A Bavarian for England: Georgia Stanway from New Munich

Bayern’s players will also meet a familiar face on the other side of the pitch on Sunday evening. As the Englishwoman is now also playing for Bavaria: Georgia Stanway hails from Munich on July 1, she came from Manchester City in the English Premier League. The 23-year-old is the backbone of the English attacks.

In addition, caution is advised as Stanway can also score decisive goals when that counts: England was under a lot of pressure in the quarter-finals and had to move into extra time after a 1-1 draw with Spain. And Stanway scored in the 96th minute with a full shot from a long distance to make 2-1. Her shot is also considered to be one of her greatest strengths.

Soon she will also be able to show it in Munich. On Sunday night, her future teammates would probably just want to do without more samples of Stanway’s successful shots – but prefer to make them themselves on their way to the European Championship.

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