Dracthyr’s racial ability is weakened, fans disappointed

While the WoW Dragonflight alpha is in full swing, the developers are busy working on the various buffs and nerfs for the various new abilities that are making their way into the online RPG game along with the expansion. One of these skills is a Dracthyr folk skill called “Sailing”, which the WoW team has weakened drastically: the maximum speed at which players can navigate while sailing has been reduced by 30 percent.

Blizzard: “Mitigation is essential for the game to run in the long run”

When the next alpha version is released, the skill’s maximum speed will be reduced from approximately 930 to 640 percent. However, the maximum flight speed of dragons in the Dragon Isles remains unchanged. The developers justify the weakening in the blue post as follows:

In the Dragon Isles, all characters of all races have the same terrain mobility requirements, as anyone can summon a dragon from the Dragon Islands. However, this does not happen in other areas of the game where flying mounts are the main means of transport. In the Eastern Kingdoms, sailing is more than twice as fast as the Epic Flying at 410 percent. This gives Dracthyr a huge performance advantage over other races when playing content outside of the Dragon Islands, whether it’s Chromie Time quests, transmog farming in traditional raids, pet battles, or whatever.

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Sailing is an important part of the Dracthyr identity. We knew from the beginning of the design work that Dracthyr had to be able to fly in some form [….]. However, sailing is also a racial skill, and it was never our intention to use it to create such a major improvement in performance or performance compared to other races. These two goals contradict each other: we want to make sailing fun and fulfill the fantasy of a flying creature, but we don’t want to give the race a particularly big advantage in the game.

What we discovered in gameplay testing is that changing speed doesn’t take away from the fun of movement mechanics. That immersive controls, momentum gameplay, and the challenge of navigating obstacles still exist […]. Thus, Dracthyr can take part in the dynamic, immersive dragon ride locomotion, but he cannot travel half the continent in half the time of the other characters. [….] Since sailing is an eternal trait of the Dracthyr, we felt it was necessary to reduce the maximum speed from long term to keep the game running.

Tl; dr: Developers believe that sailing at 930 percent is giving Dracthyr an unfair advantage over other races in older content. The reduction is intended to keep the skill fun but at the same time provides the right balance for activity in the level and end phases.

Community teases: Blizzard has once again killed the fun

Meanwhile, fans are not very enthusiastic about the change. Wow (Buy now ) Head, negative comments pile up, and many gamers are frustrated and say the folk skill in alpha was probably too fun, which is why the developers opted for a nerf – the “fun detected” meme says hi. The discussion on reddit is a bit more varied, but here too, most users are disappointed with the decision and express a lack of understanding.

One of the fans nailed it with his post, writing:
Rather than weakening the Dracthyr race, how about making the Dragon Rider available to everyone in all areas with the same restrictions? It also means that no one feels compelled to play Dracthyr […]. But instead of making everyone enjoyable, now it won’t be fun for anyone – a standard development concept at Blizzard.

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