This first person shooter is going to give you hell

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As a celestial enforcer, you wield an arsenal of powerful weapons to tear your way through hordes of demonic beings that are repulsively connected to machines. If that description sounds familiar, you’ve probably played Doom. In fact, this also applies to the FPS Scathe shooter.

He makes extensive use of the concepts and elements of the original Hellfire shooter, but is also looking to develop his own identity – and will hit Steam on August 31. In the free demo, we checked what awaits you in this hell. By the way, if you like dark shooters and like fighting hordes of monsters, you should also have a look at Ripout:

Ripout has a live weapon and looks amazing


Dark new co-op shooter

Ripout has a live weapon and looks amazing

Hell is deadly

If nearby enemies die, splashes of blood and goo will obscure your eyesight, but you can wipe them off.

If nearby enemies die, splashes of blood and goo will obscure your eyesight, but you can wipe them off.

Scathe is a fast and ruthless shooter. From assault rifles to classic double-barreled shotguns and crossbows, your powerful weapons will analyze most enemies in seconds. Additionally, each weapon has an alternative, even more powerful fire mode. The crossbow then fires at explosive bolts. You don’t need to reload your weapons.

Killing enemies also charges your secret energy: after all, you can even unleash devastating magic spells with it. The best way to see what the fight looks like is in the trailer:

Scathe: This shooter looks like Doom, but plays a bit differently


Scathe: This shooter looks like Doom, but plays a bit differently

At the same time, you have to be very careful (haha) not to fall into the enemy’s crossfire. Because Scathe describes himself as an infernal missile shooter: in combat you are faced with a lot of missiles that you must skillfully avoid. If you find yourself in a bottleneck, it will quickly become impossible to avoid and you will be overrun by hordes.

In different areas of Hell, you can always choose between the different paths you want to follow. Not only dangerous demons await you there, but you can also discover various secrets and runes. These screenshots give an idea of ​​many areas:

Scathe – See screenshots of the infernal shooter with optional co-op

you are not alone

If the advantage of hellish creatures becomes too great for you, you can invite up to three friends to fight at any time. However, this has more than just advantages: because you share your limited life with each other. If the fighter dies, it has consequences for all members of the group.

Scathe, it seems, is not very forgiving: mistakes mean death, and there are more consequences. If you die, you lose collected runes that unlock additional rooms. If you lose your whole life, you have to start over.

what we like

  • Optics and design: Weapons, Demons, Helllands, and Scathe Effects all look pretty cool. The creature’s design may not be unique, but it’s solid and clearly reminiscent of Doom.
  • Fighting and Movement: We move around the maps at high speed and can jump aside to avoid them. If you like to play quick shooters, you can also enjoy Scathe. The first weapon, assault rifle and shotgun are fun too, developers could only work on economic hit feedback.

What remains unclear?

  • Difficulty and Balance: Scathe leads us down again and again thanks to an overwhelming level of difficulty. We’ll see if it’s frustrating in the long run or if you learn to avoid unnecessary deaths quickly enough. Whether it’s fun to play with friends and how well-balanced co-op is at is still completely unclear.
  • Price-performance ratio: We don’t know yet how much Scathe will cost or how big the game will be. After all, the screenshots shown already reveal areas with different themes (mines and caves, sacred hell buildings, industrial buildings). How many opponents and boss fights are there, it is not known yet.

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