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The shoe boutique on Rochlitzer Strasse closes at the end of August. There is already a successor to the store. The Geers branch on Weberstrasse is closing. However, it is still unclear how the store will continue.


Two stores again. Two stores around the Mittweidaer Markt will close this summer. But while the Ilona Krebs boutique is to be open after a short break, the future of the store on Weberstrasse is currently uncertain.

The shoe boutique closes on August 31

The sale at Ilona Krebs on Rochlitzer Straße has been going on for several days. August 31 should be over. Then Mittweidaerin will retire. “Some customers are sad, but tell me they don’t want to,” says Ilona Krebs. Since 1994, he has been selling women’s, men’s and children’s shoes on Rochlitzer Straße. She had always been sure that she would only stop when a successor to her company showed up. “That’s why I started working on a successor about two years ago,” he says. And it was successful. After a short break, someone from the region will reopen the shop and sell shoes again. “A vacancy destroys our city. I would like to be able to walk around Mittweid even when I retire, ”says Ilona Krebs. She is also glad that her employee can continue working in the new store. “Customers will also see me in the new store at first.”

Ilona Krebs started working in retail in 1976. In the times of the GDR, she had to take over a representative office in the footwear market. “I thought it was great and I was stuck with it,” she says. “I only sell shoes since 1985.” She says that she will miss everyday contact with clients, being around people. “It has been part of my daily life since I was a child. My parents had a nursery.

The news of the closure of the shoe store quickly spread throughout the city. “It’s a pity, I liked going shopping there,” says the customer. Apparently this was the case with some, as Ilona Krebs has received several consistently positive ratings on the Google Maps rating portal in recent years. “I like to buy shoes from Frau Krebs. A company managed with love ”, for example, wrote Eric Vogel, who has already published 281 reviews on the portal.

No new tenant has been found yet

The Geers hearing aid shop on Weberstrasse is closed from Monday 1 August. The branch was opened in Mittweida 18 years ago. In the future, Mittweid’s customers will be looked after by the Rochlitz branch, the company’s spokeswoman said. All customers were informed about it by mail a few days ago. “In the past, the two sites worked closely together,” he says. The two employees who worked at Mittweida would now also be employed at the Rochlitz site. “These are available to their existing customers as usual as personal and well-known contacts,” says spokeswoman Geers.

According to Geers, it has 740 branches throughout Germany. In addition to the shop in Rochlitz, there is also one in Frankenberg, one in Burgstädt and several branches in Chemnitz. Despite the demand, he does not give the exact reasons why the Mittweid branch closes after almost 20 years. “Basically, we are constantly checking our branch network to see if it can be optimized. This could result in surface size changes, relocations, new openings, and even site mergers, as is now in Mittweida, ”says only the spokeswoman.

Mittweid city manager Frank Winkler does not consider the hearing aid shutdown too dramatic. Of course, it’s not nice that the store is empty again. “As far as I know, there is currently no new tenant,” he says. However, there are two other stores in Mittweida that sell hearing aids. “We are well prepared in this area,” says Winkler.

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