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Olivier Tallec: I don’t want to be a squirrel anymore (picture book for young children)

One morning it will be squirrel over the stream and sees its reflection. Suddenly the scales fell from his eyes: Squirrel life is boring to death! Always jumping alone and from tree to tree to find enough food for the winter – there must be more to life.
So why not one? beaver will be? Cutting down trees with your teeth, building dams and building caves with other beavers seems so much more attractive. But it’s also quite tiring and you have wet feet all the time.
Or maybe you prefer one Hedgehog? But they eat earthworms and run over them easily. Really disgusting and threatening!
Handsome? deer with huge horns? King of the forest whom everyone admires, but also hunted by many. Very exhausting and very dangerous!
Whatever the squirrel tries, she won’t be satisfied. Maybe he would rather remain himself?

I don't want to be a squirrel anymore Photo: Gerstenberg Verlag

I don’t want to be a squirrel anymore

Sabina Abel: Olivier Tallec has now three books about the squirrel written and drawn differently. in first book it’s about his tree ownershipin second for his excesswith which he almost destroys his own livelihood. In his the third and newest picture book it is about To be happy who are you with and what to represent.
Tallec combines all these allegedly difficult topics into funny, unusual pictures and a story that not only makes little readers laugh ”.

Ulrike Kuckero: Till Wiesentroll (for children from 4 years old)

To Wiesentroll is, as the name suggests, a a little troll that lives happily in his cave in the meadow. he has friendswho come to visit him and he experiences it too all kinds of adventures.
But for a while now, Till hasn’t been able to sleep at all because the big, kind of scary mountain troll does it every night Gonnertroll huge noise in his cave. What should Til do? Fortunately, his friends have good ideas! FROM fog troll Makes Gonertrolls Cave full of fog troll waterfall makes it wet and uncomfortable in the adventurers’ hideout, a ice troll even let it snow. But neither measure works.
Until fairy he has a completely different idea: maybe Till should ask the mountain troll why he’s so noisy every night. Maybe he can’t sleep?
in second story double team I want one Tightly celebrate. Who is inviting? What does he have to do to make the event a success? Should Gonertroll also come, although other inhabitants of meadows are afraid of him?

To Wiesentroll |  Photo: Thienemann Verlag

To Wiesentroll

Sabina Abel: “The stories of Fr. little meadow troll to belong to my absolute favoriteswhich many years ago I read with enthusiasm to my own children. Till is friendly, fun and sometimes a little too afraidespecially when it comes to a mountain troll. While he’s pretty rough and cranky, he’s a nice guy who can always be relied upon. Adventures are supported by color photos. Great reading pleasure for all toddlers from the age of four, and at least for adults. “

Dermot O’Leary: Ninja Cat – King Cobra Duel (from 8 years old)

it’s cold tonight London. Cats Toto and her brother Silver just felt really comfortable. They dream of a big pizza, macaroni cheese and a nice tiramisu for dessert when they are suddenly late deafening noise scared of the garbage can from the outside. What’s going on there? Why don’t people care? After all, one of the key tasks cat ownersto make sure that dear four-legged friends will not disturb you under any circumstances! Including cold Cats don’t leave the house, everyone knows that. But apparently Toto and Silver have to take care of it themselves.
When they both watch, they learn cat head know. AND strange contemporarywhich also turns out to be Cat he makes and makes promises to them show London at night. At first, the two house cats are a little scared, but then it’s okay adventure is gone. What is planned as a nice walk soon turns out to be a crazy story. This night is The legendary king cobra has escaped from the London Zoo and he wants revenge. All the dogs and cats in town are on the run. How good that Toto a a well kept secret Has: she is ninja cat!

Ninja Cat - duel with king cobra |  Photo: Loewe Verlag

Ninja cat

Sabina Abel: “This book is perfect for all self-readers from the age of eight. The story is very exciting, all the characters are funny and mischievous, some very brave, others rather greedy. this comic drawingsthat are located throughout the text, divide the text so that Success in reading guaranteed is.”

Chris Colfer: Land of Stories (12+)

Alex and Connor are Twinsbut still very different. While Alex was at school as Nerd has a bad reputation, Connor is popular class clown. After that accidental death of the father but are these two? like tar and sulfurespecially since her mother hardly has time for the two of them because of all the work. Fortunately, it’s hers grandmother. They both get a unique book for their birthday. This The book “Land of Stories”from which their father read them fairy tales and fairy tales again and again. What siblings don’t know: The book is a portal to the magical world of fairy tales.

They’re both fast in one wild adventure caught up in it fairies, princesbut also witches and villains All kinds. To return to their world and home, they must: Solve the puzzle of the wish spell and travel through the land of fairy tales. Unfortunately, this is also the case evil queen with a wish spell.

Land of Tales - In search of a wish spell |  Photo: S. Fischer Verlag

land of stories

Sabina Abel: “A great book for all readers for twelve years, fun with adventures have and like in strange worlds plunge At first glance, it’s easy to tell who’s good and who’s bad there. Because over the centuries, the fairy-tale characters have also acquired their quirks. “

Sabine Abel and “Wir in Bayern” wish you pleasant reading!

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