“Colonial lifestyle is spreading in Berlin”

Berlin has approximately 3.7 million inhabitants, they are as diverse as the city itself, so what makes Berlin special, why do people live here, and do they even like to do it? In our “Berlin Questionnaire” section, we ask famous residents of the capital about their favorite places and personal prohibitions. They reveal their culinary tips, favorite shopping and neighborhood secrets. But also what annoys her about Berlin and what you definitely shouldn’t do here.

This time Bibiana Beglau answered our questions. Known for numerous theater and film productions, the German actress has lived in Berlin for many years. Once she wanted to be a sculptor, but then decided otherwise. So you know her today from many episodes of “Tatort”, from Schlöndorff films, from Netflix series, and as an audiobook and radio speaker.

1. Mrs. Beglau, how long are you in town?

I have an apartment in Berlin since 2004. But since the reunification, I visit the city very often and to this day I am grateful and happy that I was able to experience the 90s in Berlin. Even as a child it was clear to me that I would like to live in Berlin someday and that this city should be my local home. I like the vibe of the city and the fact that it has so many different centers that it is so separated from all the other cities in the landscape that it can be so beautiful and incredibly ugly at the same time. Berlin is a city that is always a construction site, nothing is really finished and everything changes like an anthill. And I like people, from relaxed to hurried, even tourists.

2. What is your favorite place in Berlin?

This changes frequently. But I like any place from which I can look at the city and any place that allows me to delve deeper into it.

3. Where are you going when you want to relax?

To the theater, to the cinema, to the opera house, to the park, to the lake, to the club … to all places with an overview and to all places with privacy protection.

4. What parts of the city do you avoid?

I prefer to discover than to be afraid.

5. Your ultimate gastronomic tip for insiders?

I like Café Liebling in Prenzlauer Berg, Bar Saint Jean in Mitte, Victoria Bar in Tiergarten, KaDeWe. I like going to these restaurants: Heimlich Treu, Kink, Annelies, Otto Berlin, St. Bart, 21 Gramm, Merold, Frea …

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To the person

Bibiana Beglau was born in Braunschweig in 1971. Growing up there, she left Waldorf School the year before graduating from high school. She actually wanted to study fine arts, but then decided to study acting at the University of Music and Theater in Hamburg.

Beglau has worked with famous directors from the beginning of her career. She played under Christoph Schlingensief, Dimiter Gotscheff, Einar Schleef, Frank Castorf, Luke Perceval, Martin Kušej, Sebastian Nübling and Thomas Ostermeier before becoming famous for her lead role in Volker Schlöndorff’s feature film “Silence After Shot”. .

In addition to theatrical engagements, the 51-year-old plays in the most important film and TV productions. The award-winning actress can now be seen on Netflix’s King of Stonks and the Burgtheater in Vienna.

6. Your top shopping tip?

I love vintage clothes. A very balanced way to dress in a good and modern way. I especially like Soeur, Dear and Garments Vintage.

7. The best part of Berlin is …

It’s hard to say because the neighborhoods are so different – it’s great. In Neukölln, I buy shea butter from an African kiosk and I buy nuts from Turku. There are bookstores in Kreuzberg and I love the market hall. In Wedding, I like to stroll down Müllerstrasse and stick my nose in small shops where I usually find something, and Uferhallen is a great place for cultural events. In Lichtenberg, my favorite is the Dong Xuan Center, as is the Haubrok showroom in the parking lot.

8. What annoys me the most about the city:

This lifestyle, colonialism that is spreading around the city. I don’t understand why you move to a lively neighborhood just to lower the volume of the room. I also believe that this mono-cultivation of life is coming in.

9. What needs to be changed urgently to keep Berlin viable?

The cannibalism of a lifestyle that many carry before them almost religiously. Sometimes I wonder if there are more and more people in the city who think they know what is right and wrong: from food to being willing or unwilling to reproduce. Berlin is a city of opportunities. You should be able to find them all here.

10. Your tip for the undecided: move to Berlin or stay there?

In Berlin, you really need a lot of concentration and discipline as the distractions are quite large. So enjoy life like this, if you need to be quieter, there are many great B-cities that you can relocate to, such as Böblingen, Braunschweig or Bielefeld.

11. Colder than Berlin is only …

my fridge

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