Heilbronner is organizing a Los Tioz concert at GOND

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FROM: Daniel Hagman


The fact that this concert took place at all is sensational in several respects.

Böhse Onkelz play a two-hour concert at GOND Just a few years ago, almost everything in the world seemed more likely, because without a momentary end to the Frankfurt rockers who, after a big farewell, broke up their band in 2005, a concert at Lausitzring, or GOND, organized by two people from Heilbronn also doesn’t exist.

As a tribute festival to the band centered around vocalist Kevin Russell, the two organizers Timo Hofmann from Öhringen and Steffen Kiederer from Untereisesheim near Heilbronn founded GOND in 2006, one year after the band ended. Initially, mainly Böhse-Onkelz cover bands performed. Over the years, however, GOND has increasingly become a platform for independent German rock bands such as Frei.Wild.

Böhse Onkelz: Fans celebrate Los Tioz at GOND

In 2014, a sensation: The Böhse Onkelz return after two return shows at the Hockenheimring and nine years after their band broke up. The organizers of Heilbronn, Hofmann and Kiederer continue the GOND – so far it has established itself as an independent, cult event among German rock fans.

And then another hammer will appear in Mikołajki 2019. Under the slogan “The dream comes true”, the organizers Kiederer and Hofmann from the Heilbronn area announce that Böhse Onkelz will perform as their own cover band in GOND under the pseudonym Los Tioz. In the summer of 2020, however, the coronavirus frustrates the plan several times. But yesterday, Saturday, the Frankfurters finally performed at their own tribute festival. And the show will be the main attraction of GOND so far.

Böhse Onkelz as Los Tioz: GOND fans are happy with the hits

The fan’s euphoria is unstoppable when Böhse Onkelz starts Los Tioz last night at 22:00. Years of waiting explode in goosebumps singing choirs as the Frankfurters open their “10 Years” show. This is followed by other popular blockbusters such as “Nothing’s Forever”, “Turpentine” and “Mexiko”. The 18,000 fans at the sold-out GOND are particularly pleased with the hits – and sing at full throat like there’s no tomorrow.

Los Tioz played these songs on GOND

1.10 years

2. This is who we are

3. Nice man

4. Winner’s Hour

5. Hated, cursed, adored

6. I am in you (version 2001)

7. Cake and beer

8. Thank the Lord!

9. Find the truth

10. Nothing lasts forever

11. This is Onkelz

12. Coma – A night that never ends

13. Turpentine

14. The Church

15. Empty words

16. No amnesty for MTV

17. Greetings to the dead

18. We still can’t get enough


19. Viva los Tioz

20. To good friends

21. Mexico

22. Memories

Compared to their concerts at the Frankfurt stadium the week before, which resulted in the death of two fans, Böhse Onkelz as Los Tioz in GOND has improved its program with a few songs. Thought-provoking numbers such as “Brave New World” and “Scars” have been removed from the setlist, as have the new songs “Wie aus der Sage” and “Saufen ist wie Weinen” from the current album. Especially the latter had problems with the public in Frankfurt. But since Los Tioz focuses on hits with their motivated performance, each of the 22 songs in the two-hour show is a hit.

Böhse Onkelz as Los Tioz at GOND: A dream comes true

GOND organizer Timo Hofmann from Öhringen near Heilbronn is delighted that two years later than planned, Los Tioz’s performance is finally working: “It is still totally unreal. Lots of people said, “You’ll never make this band play for you.” In the meantime, however, our event has grown to the right size. 17 years of work and self-confidence have paid off. “

Timo Hofmann’s mother, Edelgard Hofmann from Bretzfeld near Heilbronn, is also proud and happy: “We are glad that the concert is taking place now. Due to Corona, the wait was two years longer than actually planned. ” And Böhse-Onkelz fan Markus Hummel from Öhringen near Heilbronn adds: “Today not only the organizers’ dream is coming true, but also the dream of many GOND guests.”

Stephan Weidner, bassist of Böhse Onkelz, during Los Tioz's performance on the stage of the GOND festival.
Böhse Onkelz inspires as Los Tioz at the GOND festival. © Daniel Hagmann

After the traditional farewell song “Erinnerungen” by Böhse Onkelz as Los Tioz, many happy faces appear on the GOND website. It is hard to imagine that the organizers Timo Hofmann and Steffen Kiederer from around Heilbronn could win this event again. But just a few years ago, no one would have thought that Böhse Onkelz would play GOND. And Böhse-Onkelz bassist Stephan Weidner didn’t seem to mind visiting GOND again, which he made clear: “Maybe again next year? Let’s see … “

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