Rolling Stones at Waldbühne Berlin: Concert 3 August 2022 – Setlist: what to expect?

In 1965, Waldbühne in the Berlin Olympic area was devastated when the Rolling Stones played there on their first tour in Germany. The evening of September 15 went down in band and rock history. Now, 57 years later, they are back again as part of the band’s 60th anniversary tour. Mick Jagger and Keith Richards are the only remaining cast members. Find out everything you need to know here.

What will be played at Waldbühne on August 3, 2022?

Above all there is an opening act. This is what they have become Ghost hounds from the US state of Pennsylvania. In this country, the Ghost Hounds are even less known. The group plays traditional earthy blues rock and released two albums from “Roses Are Black” (2019) and “A Little Calamity” (2021), which garnered critical acclaim. Bad time for this band, which was just starting to take off, when the pandemic of the crown thwarted all career plans of young musicians. But now the sextet around the vocalist of Tré Nation is set to start with even more energy, and what could be better than supporting the greatest rock band of all time?

What songs will the Stones play?

The setlists of previous shows on the band’s 60th anniversary tour show that the band will focus on their – mostly older – classics. It will likely begin with “Street Fighting Man”, a revolutionary rock song from the turbulent late 1960s, which can certainly be interpreted here as a reminiscence of the events of 1965. Besides, you can sing on this tour, usually at a good price, “Best Of”, mainly from the 60s and 70s: “Wild Horses”, “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”, “Honkey Tonk Women” and ” Paint It Black “and the disco hit” Miss You “and of course – in the encore block -” Sympathy To The Devil “and” Satisfaction “. This classic repertoire largely ends, like on previous The Stones tours, with the 1981 album Tattoo You.

From the later albums, there is probably only one or two songs on which guitarist Keith Richards sings. It was only after their numerous returns that the band began to regularly record songs in which Richards sings. Probably a concession to the balance of power in a band that suffered from some disagreements in the 1980s and hadn’t toured in the years after 1981.

The only current song in the permanent repertoire is the song Corona lockdown “Living In A Ghost Town”, which was unexpectedly released in 2020. But who knows, maybe the band will change its repertoire again in a short time and surprise with rarely played gems from the ensemble’s later period?

Legendary place: Berlin’s Waldbühne, here at a concert by Eric Clapton in 2022. The open-air arena, built in the 1930s, has a capacity of 22,000 visitors.
© Photo: Britta Pedersen / dpa

What’s next for the Stones after Charlie Watts dies?

Now the Rolling Stones are returning to Waldbühne Berlin on the Spree for an additional concert that is scheduled on short notice. There are many indications that it will really be the last time. The band seems to have been on a farewell tour since the death of drummer Charlie Watts last summer.

Substitute drummer Steve Jordan, along with bassist Darryl Jones, who joined the band in the 1990s as a replacement for Bill Wyman, is already producing a tight and blind rhythm section, as evidenced by the recordings of previous concerts in this line-up. But of course, such routine swaps cannot hide the fact that out of the classic 1960s squad, only the old gentlemen Jagger and Richards are there. Ron Wood as the second guitarist will probably remain “new” in this constellation forever. The team has long been a serious entertainment company suffering from internal waste. It is not without reason that the last studio album with new songs “A Bigger Bang” is already 17 years old.
Ron Wood's buddy Ulrich Schröder runs the Rolling Stones Museum in Lüchow

However: The end of the stones has been foretold so often that this assessment may soon prove to be passé again. In any case, they still have some studio recordings in stock as Jagger, Richards and Co. have already leaked several times in interviews. Among them are a few songs that Charlie Watts still played. Time will tell if the old gentlemen will still be able to put it together into a complete album with the help of highly paid studio musicians and producers.

What should you consider before going to a concert in Berlin?

Today, security measures at major events are of course much stricter than in the summer of 1965. Also – but not only – to prevent such accidents as then. Visitors to the Stones concert on Wednesday may only bring a small bag no larger than a sheet of DIN A4 paper. One non-alcoholic drink up to half a liter may be brought into the Waldbühne site, provided that the liquid is transported in a plastic bottle or Tetra Pak. Larger bags can be deposited on site. More information about the recruitment regulations can be found here.

Are there any tickets yet?

The concert has been sold out for a long time – it started with prices from around 190 euros. But more than 700 euros had to be spent on premium seats. At this price, you can already buy some of the more modestly equipped Fender Telecaster electric guitars, such as those played by Keith Richards himself on the early Stones recordings. But the real fans of gray with the band will not be put off. Because it’s true: this might be the last chance to see the Rolling Stones live. The last, this time really the last chance …

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