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The Lightbee X is a small electric all-terrain vehicle that stands for business and is brilliant as a source of fun.

If the type of motorcycle requires an electric drive, it is off-road. In addition to high power, the almost silent electric drive brings a lot of acceptance and helps in the death of the tour in all European countries. The account is also credited with exhaust gases that are not produced by electric vehicles. If you don’t want to fly the 80hp Stark Varga right away, but just want some off-road fun, you should take a look at the Lightbee X by Sur-Ron. MOTORRAD drove a small electric all-terrain vehicle in Belgian forests – in a residential area.

Light, strong, cheap

A maximum of 6 kilowatts of power and 200 Nm of wheel torque are enough to carry 63 kilograms of a motorcycle. There is no need to talk about pressure from the corners. By which: Lightbee X’s power scales inversely with its size. In other words: little Sur-Ron comes out like a big ball from a pipe. Nearly 80 km / h is possible off-road, then X is not allowed on the road. With the license plate, 45 km / h is allowed with the AM license. The whole thing costs from 4,500 to 5,000 euros and can be supplemented with all sorts of accessories.

MTB chassis meets motocross

If you’re familiar with MTB, you’ll recognize many parts of the Lightbee chassis. The fork, shock and brake not only seem to come straight from the MTB catalog, but with the right knowledge they can be replaced with premium MTB enduro and downhill components. The basic chassis for 5,000 euros performs well on the flat forest track from Belgian dealer Sur-Ron Gunther Melis, progressive and with some reserves despite the heavy driver (> 100 kg). It is only after a slight jump that the rebound section reaches its limit, the fork and damper wobble for a long time and complicate the virtually uncomplicated cornering. The Passenger and Clipper Joel weighs a good 30 kilograms less, is an all-terrain vehicle, and has significantly higher speed and fewer problems for both. In this setting, the MTB post-mount brake is strong and durable. Only the rear wheel brake and motor control is a bit of a concern as whoever brakes from the rear turns off the engine which often disrupts the flow.

Lightbee can last longer

The factory Lightbee has a battery with a capacity of almost 2 kWh. In the 45 version, that means a good 70 kilometers on the road or a good two hours of off-road fun with no major differences in altitude. Especially off-road, Sur-Ron’s endurance lasts longer than that of the driver, who, just like in my case, craves mercy and oxygen after 25 minutes. Batteries up to 4 kWh are available as accessories and require a higher seat as the removable battery is much taller.

Too small for the big ones

Off-road cars and motocrosses are associated with light and relatively low jockeys. The Sur-Ron Lightbee X with a 1230 millimeter wheelbase looks elegant in all dimensions. With a body length exceeding 1.80 meters, during a vigorous turn, the knees often touch the steerable front wheel, which greatly spoils the line. It’s the only real fun killer.

Narrow, sparse tires

Tires with exotic dimensions are neither MTB nor Enduro: 1.40 inches (a good 40 millimeters) wide and 19 inches (a good 48 centimeters) front and rear. It doesn’t create an unfamiliar driving experience, but finding a replacement isn’t easy. To narrow it down: Those who ride a lot MTB get along better with a couple than a motocrosser.

Lots of accessories

The Lightbee X off-road version costs around 5,000 euros. If you want, you can invest a lot directly. More power, greater range, greater ergonomics and optics are possible. In numbers: The controller kit and the large 72 volt battery provide up to 14.5 kilowatts of power.


I find it exciting.

I can’t.

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Here’s how electro is fun. The Sur-Ron Lightbee X is a perfect example, a real solution to a big problem: riding a motorcycle off road is always very noisy. The silent electric drive is the solution, even if the little Lightbee looks like a toy. But if you look at the evolving pit bike scene for street bikes, you’ll see that even the big ones can still learn a lot from small bikes.

Lightbee is lightweight, affordable and fun. As a training device, as well as a holiday speedster or an approved city crosser.

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