Webasto is looking for a partner for the charging station business

Webasto is looking for a partner for the charging station business

By Christian Otto

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According to the “Handelsblatt” report, the supplier Webasto is looking for an investor for its charging solutions, which include wall boxes and charging cables, among others. This may be due to poor growth.

Webasto is looking for an investor for its charging technology. The transaction does not seem to pay off for the supplier.

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As the business newspaper found out, automotive supplier Webasto is looking for an investor for its business with charging stations and cables for electric cars. The company confirmed to the newspaper that it was looking for a “partner” who “supports the positive development of the charging area”. The supplier also admitted the reason for this move: “We can see that at the moment the full potential cannot be realized.”

A joint test of ADAC and Stiftung Warentest tested 12 wall cans.  (innogy)

According to Handelsblatt, the investment bank Jefferies reportedly received an order to find an investor. However, the bank did not confirm this. However, according to industry circles, Webasto does not want to completely separate from the division. The supplier himself pointed out that the industry is in the consolidation phase.

This is not the core business of the provider

The search for a buyer for recharging technology is probably also due to the fact that the supplier’s core business and related target groups and sales channels differ significantly from this commitment. Webasto mainly produces parking heaters, sunroofs and batteries for car manufacturers. On the other hand, when it comes to mobile charging stations, wallboxes and cables, there is a very heterogeneous global market for suppliers and operators. In Germany, for example, energy companies like Eon or start-ups like Heimladen act as competitors. And business is done not only with salespeople, but most of all with end customers.

According to Webasto, these customers are mainly located in Germany, the rest of Europe and the USA. Production facilities for charging technology are located in Schaidt, Rhineland-Palatinate, at the Mexican plant in Irapuato, and at the Chinese plant in Wuhan.

Poor area growth

According to press reports, the provider’s e-mobility department was able to convert 155 million euros last year, doubling the value from the previous year. In addition to charging technology, Webasto also integrates battery systems and electric heaters in the division. By 2025, the company has set a goal of one billion euros in sales in this business area. The charging industry in particular still seems to be doing too little: the media report refers to industry estimates that show revenues in the double-digit million range.

Automotive supplier Webasto suffered another loss last year.  (webasto)

Despite the growing demand for electric mobility, Webasto is following a “consistent savings course” after two years of losses, as CEO Holger Engelmann recently emphasized. It also means restraint in investments, especially if they are not delivering rapid growth. This should also be the specific problem of charging solutions.

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