oils + fats 2022: Industry meeting on the future of vegetable proteins, edible oils and fats

OVID, Association of the Oilseed Crops Industry in Germany

Munich, Frankfurt am Main, Bonn, Berlin. (ots)

The world’s leading trade fair for oils + fats @drinktec 2022 will be held at Messe München from September 12 to 16, 2022. The latest products, services, trends and innovations in vegetable proteins, oils and fats are presented at the unique trade fair for business and technology. .

This year, the industry meeting is also marked by the Ukrainian war. The effects of this can be felt all over the world. They show that a safe, varied and balanced supply of oils, fats and proteins is not a sure success. These challenges will be highlighted in a comprehensive support program.

Especially in 2022, the oil and fat industry will play a key role in food security. The availability of edible oils – especially sunflower oil – made headlines. Sunflower oil on the scale of popularity follows rapeseed oil. The themes, the need for action and the resulting perspectives will be the focus of attention in Munich.

Politicians are also required to put in place the appropriate framework conditions for manufacturers, traders and service providers to perform their supply tasks. This applies to the area of ​​energy security, market and price development, as well as the issue of sustainable development or the future use of biofuels. This political dimension gives oils + fats in 2022 additional importance as the international industry summit this year.

Oils + fats 2022, together with the simultaneous drinktec fair, create the framework for many special events and meeting opportunities: At the English-language 8th DGF Education Course on September 13-14, 2022, international participants will learn about the latest essentials principles and achievements in the processing of oilseeds and in the processing of vegetable oils. On September 15, 2022, the Protein and Oil Symposium, free of charge for participants, will present the opportunities and challenges facing the industry today and what to expect tomorrow. Oilseed Forum 2022, organized for the first time by AMI / UFOP / OVID in cooperation with Messe München, offers a lecture and discussion platform on September 16, 2022, giving the opportunity to discuss current market events and trends with policy makers, analysts and exchange companies use of proteins and oils.

The accompanying program oils + fats is organized by Messe München together with partners Deutsche Gesellschaft für Fettwissenschaften e. V. (DGF), Agrarmarkt Informations-Gesellschaft mbH (AMI), Association for the Promotion of Oil and Protein Crops e. V. (UFOP) and the Association of Industry OVID Oilseed Processing in Germany V. organized.

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About drinktec

drinktec has been held in Munich since 1951, every four years since 1985. This is the most important event in the industry. Producers (suppliers) from all over the world, including both global corporations and midsize companies, meet manufacturers and retailers of all sizes in the field of beverages and liquid food. The future is in drinktec. The fair is recognized in the industry as the premiere platform for global innovation. Producers present the latest technologies for the production, filling and packaging of all kinds of beverages, up to liquid food – including raw materials and logistics solutions. The portfolio is completed with the themes of beverage marketing and packaging design.

The exhibition in Munich

With over 50 own trade fairs for investment goods, consumer goods and new technologies, Messe München is one of the world’s leading trade fair organizers. A total of over 50,000 exhibitors and around three million visitors take part in more than 200 events at the Munich exhibition center, the ICM International Congress Center in Munich, the North Conference Center and the MOC Event Center in Munich and abroad. Together with its subsidiaries, Messe München organizes trade fairs in China, India, Brazil, South Africa and Turkey. With a network of affiliated companies in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America, as well as around 70 foreign representations in over 100 countries, Messe München is present all over the world.

German Society for Fat Sciences mi. V. (DGF)

DGF is a German network for the science and technology of fats, oils and lipids. It brings together experts in science, technology and business to promote practical and scientific research, improve education and facilitate the exchange of information.

Agrarmarkt Informations-Gesellschaft mbH (AMI)

Agrarmarkt Informations-Gesellschaft, AMI for short, deals with market observation, market analysis and market research for the entire area of ​​agriculture and the food industry. It independently and comprehensively creates up-to-date facts and analyzes for the entire agribusiness. More than 40 market experts work at locations in Bonn (headquarters), Hamburg and Berlin. The Managing Director is Christian Alter. More information at www.AMI-informiert.de or in person on 0228 33 80 5-404.

Association for the Promotion of Oilseed and Protein Plants, incl. V. (UFOP)

Association for the Promotion of Oilseed and Protein Plants, incl. V. (UFOP) represents the political interests of companies, associations and institutions involved in the production, processing and marketing of domestic oilseeds and proteins in national and international committees. UFOP promotes research into the optimization of agricultural production and the development of new uses in the areas of food, non-food products and feed. UFOP’s work in the field of public relations serves to promote the sale of end products from domestic oilseeds and proteins.

OVID Seed Industry Association in Germany V

As an association of OVID, she represents the interests of oilseed processing and oil refining companies in Germany. The primary task of the 19 member companies is the processing of oilseeds and vegetable oils into products for the food, feed, bioeconomy, oleochemistry, technical use and bioenergy industries. As an association, OVID is the link between its member companies, policy makers, business, science and institutions, as well as the media and the public. The association is based in Berlin, in Brussels OVID is represented by the European association FEDIOL. www.ovid-verband.de

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