Social media is becoming increasingly important to businesses

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Corona has reinforced the trend that more and more companies are using social channels to communicate with their customers
Consumers respond positively to this commitment, but want companies to make even better use of social channels
Grocery stores and doctor’s offices did the best with Corona

The role of social media as a channel of communication for businesses has increased since the beginning of the pandemic, and more and more companies are recognizing the value of social media to their business success. But the economy still has a lot of catching up to do when it comes to using Facebook, YouTube, and company. These are the main results of a survey of a representative population of the Yellow Pages research company Innofact, which interviewed a good 1,000 consumers and 345 companies. According to this, 84.7 percent. of companies identified social media as a very important tool in the Corona era, last year only 58%. he answered like this. And this higher priority of communicating with customers via channels such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or YouTube clearly pays off: almost 49 percent. of the surveyed consumers stated that the use of social media by companies was very good (14.2%) or good (34.7%), which is much better than in the previous year, when only 30% gave one of these two ratings.

Use of social media: businesses still have room for improvement

However, despite the growth at this point, it is also clear that the economy still has some catching up to do when it comes to using social media: from the customer’s point of view, 29 percent of those polled said the use was “less good” or even than to be called. bad “. “The internet and social media offer completely new ways for businesses to interact with their customers, and consumers expect the same. This makes professional positioning in all digital channels even more important. This applies to both your own website and your social media appearances. Industry channels and portals such as the Yellow Pages. Considering these channels as secondary is no longer relevant and is damaging to business, ”says Dirk Schulte, Managing Director of the Yellow Pages Marketing Society. After all, 83 percent of consumers surveyed use social media in their daily lives. Of those who did, 69.4 percent said they also use Facebook, Instagram, and company to learn about the products and services found there. It also increases the importance of community management. The Yellow Pages show, among other things, how to effectively build a community: The portal has over 180,000 followers on Facebook, over 100,000 people follow the Yellow Pages on TikTok, where the company has already collected almost half a million likes.

New sales and communication channels during Corona

No wonder the role of social media has increased during the pandemic. After all, many companies have had to find new ways to communicate with their customers. According to the study, new sales and communication tools were introduced in many companies from March 2020 during the Corona period. The survey shows that the number of people who use video chats as a tool, e.g. digital consultation, has increased significantly: last year, only 20 percent. of companies said they use such a tool, this year it was over 30 percent. Only 23 percent. of companies last year offered the possibility of ordering goods via the Internet and collecting them on the spot, currently it is 33 percent. “These figures show that the economy has begun to rethink. More and more companies understand that they need to win over consumers at digital touchpoints, ”continues Dirk Schulte. Online support is helpful: Small businesses such as doctor’s offices, law firms, and even hairdressers are increasingly turning to digital services from Yellow Pages – for example, being able to use an online appointment booking tool for their own processes.

Grocery stores and doctor’s offices have adapted best to Corona

Looking at individual sectors, consumers say that the food industry (51% of respondents indicated this sector) and the health sector or medical practices (41%) best adapted to the situation related to the crowns, and then the catering industry (29). percent) and drugstores (23 percent). Crafts and hotel industries were much worse (15% each), and car dealerships were particularly poorly rated (7%).

“The Corona period was and is a special stage that presented companies with great challenges. But there are also lessons to be learned and the digitization of customer communication is one of them. Companies must continue to consistently use these pandemic experiences as new tools for the future. ” says Dirk Schulte.

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