Sporty strong Meuselwitzer Sakuras on the organizational border

Meuselwitz. The 9th Open Karate Championship of Thuringia and Thuringia Karate Open took place in Meuselwitz. The organizer of this gigantic event in Schnaudertalhalle was SKD Sakura Meuselwitz, the state karate competition base at TKV and the health prophylaxis base at DKV.

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Probably because it performed so well in Corona conditions last year, the Schnauderstadt hosts have literally been beaten this year. Again this year, not all interested clubs could participate due to capacity.

The starting field was very good and above average with 654 individual and 43 team starts from all over Germany. About 90 midfielders and judges, even asked for from Poland, ensured that everything ran smoothly, despite many “corona failures”.

56 medals were won

In addition to many clubs in Thuringia, Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt, participants from Puderbach, Kempen, Straubing, Moers, Kassel, Schweinfurt, Berlin, Untermerzbach, Bremerhaven, Forchheim, Buchholz, Beelitz, Verden, Kaiserslautern, Goslar, Gottingen, Naila and Seelze, Reutlingen, Nordhorn, Syke, Milbertshofen, Bochum, Dagersheim, Fürth, Bamberg and Wiesloch. Many participants traveled by coaches. Restaurateurs, and especially local hoteliers, should have clearly participated in this event.

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The tournament was held in the disciplines of individual kata and team kata as well as individual and team kumite in 134 categories. They were divided into age groups for children C, B, A, students B, A and youth, juniors, working class 18+ and masters 30+. Organizationally, the limit has been reached; however, as usual, everything went smoothly.

In SKD Sakura Meuselwitz, a total of 22 karatekas competed in various age groups and categories. Sakura’s team won 56 medals, seven of which were gold, 20 silver and 29 bronze.

The youngest of the Sakuras, Finja Haun, passed away at the age of four Age group U6 at the start and secured herself with it mold is running 1st place. in Children of U6 kumite fought her way to 2nd place.

Successful kata team: 1st place for Nele Richter, Ella Nebel and Hanna Heilmann from Meuselwitz.

In the age group Children B U8 Kata Matheo Ochmann started. In his first fight he met his training partner Tim Kulhank, Ochmann won this meeting, but unfortunately lost in the final to Damian Rost (Chikara Club Erfurt) and won the silver. But two-thirds of the place was also taken by SKD Sakura Meuselwitz, which was provided by novices Aaron Pohle and Konstantin Schmidt.

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in Kumite for children B U8 Ochmann also took 3rd place.

For discipline The form is running a youngster U8 male, 1st place went to Konstantin Schmidt and 2nd place was taken by Aaron Pohle.

This A kumite team for children under 8 years old with Schmidt, Ochmann, Kulhank and Pohle took third place.

in Kumite for children A U10 -35 kg Colin Köhler took second place. In this category he failed very slightly in the final.

In Kata U10 Maximilian Haun was happy with the gold medal, he won all four fights. Colin Köhler took silver in this category, winning three fights and only slightly losing to Haun in the final.

in Single kumite in all categories Maximilian Haun took third place. After the matches against Vincent Vaupel (Chikara Club Erfurt eV), Constantin Werner (Chikara Club Erfurt eV) and Bennet Kolley (Chikara Club Erfurt eV), Maximilian Haun entered this category. Children A U10 Kumite -30 Kg in the final, which unfortunately lost.

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For Children U10 woman Izabela Ignatova took off, fought in Kata silver medal itself. Davinia Neugebauer was third here.

Emma Kirschner was able to secure a 3rd place in the kumite be happy. She managed to win the fight against Hanna See (Chikara Club Erfurt eV) and also won the match against Johanna Frank (Bushido Waltershausen) and thus took home the bronze medal.

Kirschner, Neugebauer and Ignatova won silver twice as a team.

in Children’s A U10 kumite for men Colin Köhler is back in the final and has just lost to Amir Amouri (Chikara Club Erfurt eV). Köhler took home the silver medal with him.

In the area of Kata of the next higher age group After winning two fights, Colin Köhler was happy with the second place, he lost again in the final to Maximilian Haun, also to SKD Sakura Meuselwitz.

Lucas Fritzsche fell into the category Student of B U12 Kata At the beginning. in Kata all categories won with Julius Barth (Universitätssportverein Erfurt eV) and lost in the final to Jeremy Schmidt (Dresdner KT) and thus secured the second place.

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in kumite Lucas Fritsche faced Florian Braunroth (Chikara Club Erfurt) in the final and only slightly lost there. He took home the silver medal.

Fritzsche, Köhler and Haun started out as the kata team and won phenomenal gold.

The girls Heilmann, Nebel and Richter were also awarded gold in this discipline. As a kumite team, it was enough for three young women for bronze.

Nele Richter has also been successful in individual disciplines. She took home silver and bronze. Hanna Heilmann won gold and bronze. Ella Nebel was third twice in the individual qualifying rounds.

Both students under the age of 14in Kumite of all categoriesJulian Böhm began. In this match, he fought four fights. He won with Hannes Förster (Banzai Hirschberg) 5-0, with Michael Jira (Mittelfranken Kader) 4-0 and with Moritz Ballewski (Chikara Club Erfurt eV) 6-0. In the final he was defeated by Dmytro Liubymov (Bushido Waltershausen) 0: 5 and won the silver medal.

Also in Kata this Student A U14 Böhm was able to win the fights. Only in the final he lost to Jonas Bückert (Chikara Club Erfurt eV) and took second place. in Kumite U14 + 49kg Böhm rejected three fights and won all three. In the final he faced Marvin Appenrodt (Chikara Club Erfurt eV) and also won the fight 9-0. So he got a gold medal.

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Alexander Henze started in Kumite U14 -38kg. In this match, he won fights with Moritz Ballewski (Chikara Club Erfurt eV), Moritz Friedel (Goju-Kai Amtsberg) and Maksym Loktiew (Kyuyosan Shotokan Dojo Dessau-Rosslau). Ultimately, however, it was only third place for Henze.

in A student of the Kumite A U14 team Sakuras with the athletes Böhm, Henze and Eliah Lämmerhirt met the teams Bushido Waltershausen and Chikara Club Erfurt. By winning the first fight against Chikara Club Erfurt, the boys entered the final and defeated Waltershausen there, after which they were awarded gold.

in Kata student team A U14 Henze, Böhm and Sando Worg faced three teams from the University of Erfurt’s Sports Club and finished third.

Both Girls U14 Josephine Piehler stood in the discipline of executioners on tatami. She managed to win two games and thus secured the 3rd place.

Gabriela Ignatova started here in kumite. She won the fight with Maria Schauer (Kyuyosan Shotokan Dojo Dessau-Rosslau) and entered the finals. There she barely lost to Dara Böhm (Oelsnitz karate competitor) and took home silver. Ignatova also won bronze in the kumite all category.

In the age group Youth U16in discipline kumiteJulian Böhm finished third in the consolation round.

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Both Juniors in the U18 Kumite category -77 kg Sando Worg started. In this match he won the fights against Niklas Nitsche (BSG Stahl Eisenhüttenstadt) and Richard Schramm (Mittelfranken Kader) and thus entered the finals. There he almost lost to Axel Belega (Mittelfranken Kader) and thus won the silver medal.

Also in the category The Kata of the youth U16 and the junior U18 Sando Worg was able to get the silver. in Kumite 18+ all categories it was enough for him for 3rd place.

Talina Titz went in Performance class 18+ Kumite female and won their first game 3-0 against Miriam Al-Osman (TUS Huchting Bremen EV). In the final she faced Anne Wolz (Rhein-Neckar Knights). She had failed and won the silver. Titz also won silver in the Kumite All category.

Susanne Worg started in Masters 30+ category in Kata singles and took 3rd place.

It was a successful day of competition for SKD Sakura Meuselwitz players, because everyone landed on the podium.

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