The beach party is Saturday?

Schlager fun in Kamp-Lintfort
The beach party is Saturday?

Over 4,000 tickets have already been sold for the hit event. Guest star Jürgen Drews is sick. The Passepartout agency, which is the organizer of the event, is still counting on sold-out tickets. These artists will perform on Saturday, August 6.

“When my daughter takes off her headphones, I listen to Schlager,” says Andreas Vanek, adding, “But she would never say she’s a Schlager fan.” Many young people seem to be acting like the daughter of a spokesman for Sparkasse Duisburg. “They don’t listen to the hits, but they know them,” winks Vanek. This is why Sparkasse was immediately convinced by the new concept with which the Beach Party started seven years ago as a hit game to remain the main sponsor of Stadtwerke in Kamp-Lintfort.

Thanks to pop stars who live in Mallorca, the beach party in Kamp-Lintfort quickly turned into the biggest hit party in the lower left corner of the Lower Rhine. When she took the stage for the fifth time in 2019, including Mickie Krause, Mia Julia and Peter Wackel, she was sold out. This time, Thorsten Kalmutzke, who is organizing the event together with the agency Meerbusch Passepartout, expects 5,000 guests to come to the outdoor swimming pool on Bertastraße. “More than 4,000 tickets were sold ahead of time,” says the organizer. “There will only be a few tickets left at the box office. People crave beach parties. And Saturday is expected to be good weather with 25 degrees, not very warm. ” Party goers are willing to pay more for tickets. In 2019, you could buy a ticket for 17.50 euros in advance, now you have to pay 23 euros. “But the drink prices have not changed,” emphasizes councilor Christoph Müllmann, who is also the manager of the Badebetrieb Panoramabad Pappelsee. Thorsten Kalmutzke justifies the new ticket price with costs that have increased by 35-40%. compared to 2019. It was also more difficult to find employees. Demand for tickets did not diminish when Passepartout had to withdraw Jürgen Drews, who was scheduled to be the main guest of Beach Party 2022, from the program. The singer, who joined Schlager Olympus in 1976 and sings the song “Ein Bett im Kornfeld”, is sick and informed about it early. “It was already booked for Beach Party 2020, which has been canceled, as has Beach Party 2021,” says Kalmutzke.

Even without Jürgen Drews, many famous personalities will come to the university city on August 6, for example Achim Petry with his band, Jörg Bausch, Ina Colada, Julian Sommer and Mia Julia. If he leaves the stage just before midnight, the beach party ends after seven hours of music. “The Beach Party attracts crowds, enhancing the positive image of Kamp-Lintfort’s location,” emphasizes Andreas Vanek. “If you look at the license plates in the car park, you will see that visitors are not only from the Lower Rhine, but from much of the Ruhr.”

Ticket price: until Friday 5 August, the ticket price is 23 euros in advance. At the ticket office on Saturday, August 6, the ticket costs 27 euros. The ticket office opens at 15:00. Admission starts at 4:00 PM. The music program on stage starts at 5:00 PM and ends just before midnight. Advance booking online: Tickets can be booked via the Beachpart website: Advance booking on site: Panoramabad Pappelsee, Stadtwerke Kamp-Lintfort, Matt Optik Kamp-Lintfort, Volkswagen Minrath Kamp-Lintfort, Stadtmarketing Moers. Safety rules: Visitors are not allowed to bring large bags, drinks or dangerous items into the event area. You will be checked at the entrance.

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