Train effectively with just a few players

When there are no games, the training priorities for different age groups are different: due to the holidays, younger players train certain techniques in small groups or compete in one-sided games, while the older ones work on their condition and tactics in the pre-season. In the current issue online training we have assembled the appropriate units for different circumstances.

More than 20 teams deal with different types of squeezing the ball to get possession of the ball. This should be possible thanks to the great willingness to run and the tightness of the team. Youth A is about the speed with which they want to rise to the next level. Youth B teams prepare for the season in small groups. In intense forms of play, they set up hidden endurance incentives to give players a good foundation for the first “real” training sessions of the season. Youth C teams are also making effective use of the holiday season: The present training session is an example that is easy to organize and can be adapted to different group sizes. Games and fun guaranteed!

For all other age groups, small group holiday training is also included in the program. First of all, the emphasis is on improving the individual technical skills of players. Juniors E and D devote themselves to dribbling, the youths in F and Bambini train the full range of basic techniques in small forms of the game. There, children quickly experience various ball actions and success stories that encourage their sports development. The motto of small game forms is: experience before result. In the story of Bambini, children play chickens on the farm.

The new units at a glance:

over 20:
Different types of bench press to get the ball require a great willingness to run. It is also important to give players an understanding of the required team strength during training. This is the topic of today’s training.
Here is the current training session

As the preparation progresses, fitness training moves on to the next round: in the current unit, speed and endurance speed are the order of the day. It has been clarified that working with the ball should also focus on conditional content.
Here is the current training session

Juniors B:
Today’s training session focuses on small group training, which can be offered especially during the holiday seasons. Those who stayed at home would be grateful if the coaches would also offer training during the holidays. The presented small forms of play are not only fun, but also create hidden endurance stimuli characteristic of football.
Here is the current training session

Juniors C:
Many trainers are faced with the decision whether to stop training completely during the holidays, or to offer training in small groups to people who have stayed at home. If there is a small corner at the sports facility, the answer should not be difficult to find. Competitors are waiting for a training offer – even in the smallest groups.
Here is the current training session

Juniors D:
Holidays are finally here and finally possible, a relatively carefree holiday. However, hardly any gamer will be on a family vacation for six weeks. So what to do on days when you’re almost home alone? Training would be great! Training makes sense even in small groups of four to six players. Pick a technique like dribbling here and focus on training it.
Here is the current training session

Playing soccer is always possible. The holiday season and summer are especially encouraging to play football. That is why the club and coaches are needed. Any player who is not on vacation will certainly enjoy training in a small group.
Here is the current training session

F class juniors:
All the techniques of football can be found in the small game forms. The basics of the game of football can therefore be optimally worked out in small football matches. In a short time, children experience a variety of ball movements and a sense of achievement, which promotes their sports development.
Here is the current training session

Bambini * e:
Small forms of play have many advantages in children’s football. Kids have lots of ball action, lots of success stories and lots of fun. The games can be of a sports nature and can be varied and conducted in various field forms.
Here is the current playing time.

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