University of Oldenburg: Study and further training on the job

At the University of Oldenburg, professionals can also study and continue their education. The educational offer of C3L – Continuing Education Center covers issues from business and law, through education and science, counseling and health to renewable energy sources.

Most of the learning is done online. This means that all programs can be easily combined with work and private life. Practicality, personal feedback and collaborative projects ensure effective and varied learning.

Our students qualify for current professional assignments and open up new career prospects. Our graduate surveys show: After graduation, responsible tasks or managerial positions are taken up much more often. This is also reflected in the salary: around three-quarters earn more from their diploma.

Perfect courses

C3L offers four extracurricular master’s courses, accompanied by renowned experts in science and practice. The MBA Education and Science Management qualifies you for a management position in universities, schools or adult education. The recognized Master of Laws, with a focus on information law, provides expertise on all legal aspects of the information society. In the MBA Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship, self-employed people and employees learn to recognize market opportunities, implement business ideas, and protect innovation. And a Master’s degree in Risk Management for Financial Services Providers qualifies you for many of the positions that financial service providers fill due to regulatory requirements.

In the coming fall semester there will be a new Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. This teaches the basics of management and enables specialization in future-oriented fields of work. Entry is also possible without a high school diploma.

In all courses, you can appreciate the achievements of previous studies, further training or apprenticeship, and the duration of your studies can be shortened. But a master’s degree can also be obtained in as little as four to five semesters.

Start further training

Further education and study are closely related in C3L: extra-professional courses are made up of modules that can also be taken individually without the need to sign up. In this way, specialist knowledge can be acquired quickly and in a targeted manner. And you have the option to start your studies with further training: all successfully completed modules end with a university certificate and are fully credited when you later start the relevant course. There is also a wide range of further training courses that are independent of the study programs:

Advice and conflict resolution

Postgraduate studies in Counseling, Coaching, and Conflict Management are offered part-time over several semesters. They end with an internal university certificate recognized by professional or specialist associations. A contact course is offered in the field of supervision, coaching and organizational development, systemic counseling, family and system therapy, as well as mediation and systemic conflict management.

Health, social welfare and special education

In these areas, we offer further training for one or two semesters. Employees in the field of health and social affairs qualify at our universities with certificates for management positions in rehabilitation facilities and in the social economy. In order to raise the qualifications of teaching staff in non-public special schools and community centers, we have developed a special education program in schools.

hydrogen and wind

Qualification opportunities for renewable energy are new to C3L. Hydrogen training for professionals and managers provides interdisciplinary know-how in technology, network integration, validation, law and financing. With application-oriented expertise, participants can evaluate, initiate and control hydrogen projects. During further training, the project is planned and calculated realistically.

In an advanced course of study in technology and wind energy management, you will also learn how to manage a specific project from planning to operation. In eleven months, aspects of life sciences, technology and computer science are taught, as well as elements of business administration, law, planning and project management.

Learn online and with personal support

The C3L educational offer combines the advantages of a campus university with e-learning. On the digital learning platform, students organize collaborative project work, exchange ideas in forums, and receive feedback from teachers. This allows for flexible learning and communication – regardless of time and place. Teachers and mentors provide intensive support.

Practicality is the top priority at C3L. The content can be applied directly to everyday working life. In addition, the modules can process specific problems from the task. We teach what is crucial in the world of work of tomorrow: the ability to combine specialist knowledge, digital skills and traditional skills.

About the scope of further education and non-vocational courses at the University of Oldenburg.

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