Tens of thousands celebrate here over the weekend: Mega stage construction ahead of Gabalier’s concert

strap – Another huge construction site on Tuesday, a concert arena of superlatives on Saturday – Klaus Leutgeb is organizing “Germany’s three biggest concerts” on the exhibition grounds south of the A94 motorway. The Austrian, who organized mass events with concerts in his homeland and was even responsible for a classical music concert at the Elbphilharmonie, is entering a new territory here. He had never run such gigantic events as in Riem before.

Mega stage for Andreas Gabalier in Munich

“There are 340,000 square meters of paved surface here, nothing else like it in the world anymore,” says Leutgeb. An ideal location for concerts such as those scheduled with Andreas Gabalier, Helene Fischer and Robbie Williams on August 6, 20 and 27.

In addition to the huge hall that is already being built for Bauma in October, the Leutgeb mega scene is coming to an end. It is almost 150 meters long and is open to the sky. If it rains during the concerts, the artists will move to a lower platform where they will stay dry.

“This is where the best companies in the world come together”

“This is where the best companies in the world come together,” says Leutgeb, and is pleased that his Munich-born friend Flo Wieder, who designed the stage, is also part of it. Composed of are diagonal bars designed to resemble the diamonds of the Bavarian flag, says Leutgeb. Lighting designer Roland Greil, who has already worked for Adele, Rammstein, Phil Collins and the Rolling Stones, is also from Munich. A special feature is also the sound system with towers and speakers that radiates virtually onto the floor. “There has never been a concert where the sound was distributed to the audience, and it was not far away,” says Klaus Leutgeb.

The fears of the inhabitants of the Messestadt about their night rest should therefore probably be unnecessary.

New Gasteig: Visitors are causing trouble in the district.

Wildparkende concert goers: complaints about visitors to Gasteig


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Sitting in ten blocks of stands on the edge of the A94 fans as close to the stage as at the Olympic Stadium, which is not suitable for such gigantic concerts. 2,000 square meters of LED screens show faces, gestures and performance details. For Klaus Leutgeb, it is important that “artists and audiences form one”.

Leutgeb wants to create something unique and new and it is worth the risk for him. But “we would never have achieved this without the know-how of the operational team at the fair. I would like to thank you all for your great commitment. ” According to the former trade fair manager Klaus Dittrich, events that do not fit into the Olympic Stadium should take place more frequently in the future.

130,000 tickets sold by Helene Fischer

Leutgeb complains that many in the city have long been overly critical of his mega-project. You should stop playing culture police. It would be good if the state capital of Munich opened up more. Anyone in the cultural sector with good ideas should be able to defend themselves! “

The city and the surrounding area benefited from it, three concerts not only brought good income to hotels and restaurants.

130,000 tickets have already been sold for Helene-Fischer, the planned 90,000 for Gabalier and Williams (prices from 70 to 600 euros).

You should come by public transport, there is the Kiss & Ride terminus at the “teatro-Spiegelzelt”.

The buses go to the Hofbräuallee, the Bauma footbridge leads to the north entrance, from the metro station to the west and east gates.

You can park here for free

Coming from the North l A 92 at Munich Airport / Audi Experience Center, S8 towards Herrsching to Daglfing, then transfer. l A 99 exit Neuherberg, BMW FIZ am Hart, U2 to Messestadt Ost. l A 9 from Nuremberg, Allianz Arena car park, then shuttle bus.

Coming from the Northeast l A 99 exit Aschheim, multi-storey car park Volksfestplatz Unterföhring, S8 Herrsching to Daglfing, then transfer.

Coming from the East l A 94 from Passau, exit Parsdorf, parking lot Heimstettner Straße / Segmüller, then transfer. l A 94 from Passau, Parsdorf exit, BMW multi storey car park, then transfer.

Arriving from the south l A 8 from Salzburg, exit Taufkirchen Ost, Airbus Parking South, shuttle bus.

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