Cartel office: Gasoline and diesel fuel slightly cheaper again in July | Free press

Petrol and diesel prices fell by an average of ten cents in July. But there are some big regional differences. Especially in one federal state, prices are much higher.


According to a market study by the Federal Antimonopoly Office, gasoline and diesel oil have become somewhat cheaper again in the past month. The price per liter of premium E5 gasoline fell between July 1 and August 1, 2022, from an average of 1.91 euros to 1.81 euros, the regulator said on Thursday. The E10 was also 10 cents cheaper to 1.75 euros. The price of diesel fuel dropped by 5 cents.

However, regional price differentials have increased significantly in the past four weeks. While the differences between the cheaper and more expensive regions in Germany for the E5 and E10 were still between 8 and 11 cents in early July, they had increased to 21 cents each by August 1. For diesel, the range has increased from 11 cents to 19 cents. In Bavaria, in particular, drivers have had to reach deeper for gasoline and diesel than the national average, the office said.

The Rhine level, which is an important transport route for the oil industry, is currently extremely low and makes it difficult to transport onward waterways to Bavaria. In addition, individual refineries in Bavaria and neighboring countries are currently not able to use their full production capacity, according to industry reports, competition regulators said. The drift in prices has already been observed in similar situations in previous years.

First results of the sector inquiry in the fall

The Bundeskartellamt sector inquiry into refineries and wholesalers, launched in May, is moving forward. Data requested from around 20 companies operating in Germany in the refining sector are currently being assessed. The first results of the sector inquiry are expected to be presented in the autumn progress report. The Bundeskartellamt may carry out a sector inquiry where specific circumstances indicate that competition in the economic sector may be restricted or distorted.

Cartel Bureau chairman Andreas Mundt stressed that the gap between prices at gas stations and oil prices has narrowed significantly in recent weeks, but remains higher than in May. For diesel, the spread is still above the high in early June, following the cut in the energy tax. (dpa)

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