Cycling Trends 2022: 8 tools for cycling tours

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Cycling trends 2022: These gadgets make cycling even more fun

Cycling trends 2022: Eight practical tools for the perfect start to cycling summer.

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Mountain bike, racing bike, e-bike – cycling is healthy and fun. Especially if the hardware is right. Eight practical bicycle tools that will be popular in 2022.

The bicycle was one of the biggest winners of the crown pandemic. According to the German Association of the Bicycle Industry (ZIV), 5.04 million bicycles and e-bikes were sold in Germany in 2020. According to the ZIV, it is almost 17 percent. more than in 2019. Growth that other industries would not dare to dream of. Single-track vehicles are a means of transport per hour. So that you can start the new cycling year carefree, we have: Bike Trend Tools 2022 Harvested. From the mobile bicycle rack to the recyclable bicycle bag for the trunk.

1. e-air pump

Classic air pumps are bulky and somehow bulky. Attaching them to the frame on the saddle or top tube only works on a few bikes. The mini pumps can at least be stored in a backpack. But very few little push-ups are really powerful. In addition, you usually pump yourself. Solution: portable e-air pump like Xiaomi model. This tool is nothing more than a miniature compressor. The tire is inflated at the push of a button. The pressure can be checked via the digital display. One battery charge should be enough for eight tires. The tool comes with all common adapters and a small bag. Here is a mobile compressor from Xiaomi.

2. Foldable bicycle helmet

A bicycle helmet is the most important tool next to a bicycle. It cannot be missing on any route. But what to do with head protection after arriving at a bathing beach or park? Takes up a lot of space in a backpack. Suspended on the steering wheel, it is easy prey for thieves. Closca has developed a helmet that can be folded up after use. According to the manufacturer, the 400 gram “Loop” lamp complies with the applicable safety standards EN1078 and CPSC. It can be quickly folded into a practical format, so there is more space in the backpack than just a bicycle helmet. Of course, the “Loop” is also suitable for children who prefer scooters or roller skates to bicycles. This is the Closca Loop.

3. Gravel bike bag

Gravel bikes are the bikes of the summer 2022. Maneuverable and stylish, racing-lacquered bikes are booming today. A hybrid of a cross bike and a road bike is truly versatile. Gravel bikes are the perfect companion both in everyday life and on longer trips (flat or mountain). Rovativ has developed a saddle bag specifically for gravel bikes. The backloader holds 10 liters and is mounted on the seat post behind the saddle. Rainy rains do not interfere with the bag. It should be 100% waterproof. Here it is Rovativ saddle bag for gravel bikes.

4. Take-away bicycle stand

On a bike trip to the countryside or on longer bike rides, there is often no option but to lay the bike flat in a meadow or lean it against a tree during well-deserved breaks. It is also more elegant. For example with a mobile and handy bicycle rack. The Topeak Flash Stand weighs only 500 grams and can be folded up to a size of 20 centimeters. It is suitable not only as a mobile bicycle rack. Flash Stand also serves as a mounting stand for minor repairs. This is the Topeak Flash Stand.

5. Cycling gloves (highly recycled)

Sustainability is also an important and big topic in the bicycle market. Thanks to the Mora for Cyclists, the glove manufacturer Roeckl has in its product range gloves whose yarn is 100 percent recycled from old fishing nets and fabric waste. To do this, the developers recycle polyester from PET bottle waste. Even the Roeckl logo comes from waste from the wood industry. Little is more resource efficient. Here it is mora and Bosco short finger version by Roeckl.

6. A clip-on recycled bicycle bag

Underarm milk palette, fruit and vegetable shopping bag on the steering wheel. Two rather bad ideas, cycling home from weekend shopping. So also the clever Danes from Cobags thought. Therefore, they worked on a practical and sustainable solution to the transport problem. The result is the Bikezac 2.0, a multi-functional, reusable shopping bag that can be securely attached to the saddle with two clicks using a patented mounting rail. The bag can be closed with an integrated elastic band so that the purchase does not end on the street. Bikezac 2.0 is made of recycled polypropylene material that can be 100% recycled later. This is Bikezac 2.0 in a double pack.

7. Folding zipper with application alarm

Bike theft is unfortunately still part of everyday life in Germany. In 2020, approximately 260,000 thefts were reported. It is all the more important to keep your bike as secure as possible as soon as you are out of sight. Different types of bicycle locks have advantages and disadvantages. The weak point is often the castle itself. You don’t need a key for an Abus smart folding lock, nor do you need to remember a combination of numbers. The owner can open the lock via Bluetooth as soon as he is in the vicinity with his paired smartphone. If a stranger manipulates the lock for more than five seconds, a loud 100 dB alarm sounds, similar to a car alarm. The lock battery can be charged via USB-C. Additionally, up to 29 end devices can be authorized for the lock. Abus Bordo SmartX folding lock is available here.

8. HelmMate saddle cover

Even in summer, cyclists are sometimes surprised by rain. With the right clothes and at the right temperatures, you can deal with it easily. It becomes uncomfortable when the helmet hangs carelessly on the handlebars in heavy rain. Anyone who has ever got a helmet wet from the inside knows it’s no fun. But what to do with the helmet? The solution can be a combination of a saddle cover and a helmet. The HelmMate is mounted under the saddle. The integrated and hidden rain cover can be pulled out and placed on the saddle. The bicycle helmet is tucked underneath. zip up. Finished. The lock, which is also integrated, is meant to be a nice but rather useless extra feature. The HelmMate rain cover is available here.

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