International Jazz Summer: First fast jazz, then a shower: Hermeto Pascoal’s concert in Augsburg

Hermeto Pascoal is considered a music wizard. The 86-year-old now lets the sounds of his Brazilian jungle sprout in the Augsburg Botanical Garden.

A streak of bad luck is plaguing the star this evening. Jazz musician Hermeto Pascoal has been touring the world for weeks and a tragedy seems to be following him – so far three of his suitcases have disappeared along the way. without a trace. And there were even instruments in that baggage. Tilman Herpichböhm, head of the Augsburg International Jazz Summer, explains all this by greeting the audience: “So please bear with us that today he cannot play his kettle with a trumpet mouthpiece.” Kettle ? Yes. Pascoal plays the piano and accordion. But also with knives, hubcaps, stones, kettles. And it’s been for six decades. In Augsburg, a jazz musician with snow-white hair offered – despite the losers – a show with Brazilian rhythms and tricks. So the sound of the jungle flourished in the middle of the botanical garden.

Hermeto Pascoal presents its sound at the jazz summer in Augsburg

Pascoal has been jazzing on the great world stage since 1970. It was the first time he played with the godfather of trumpet Miles Davis on the Live-Evil album. Hermeto, Brazilian, 34 years old, and even then as a ghost: as an albino, with the lightest skin and white hair, he had to avoid the bright rays of the sun as a child – and found shelter in music. Fans of “O Bruxo” respectfully refer to him today as “the wizard”. The 1999 film shows his magic: Pascoal kneels among the trees in the jungle in the bed of a wild river. Here he dives into the water with a flute, it gurgles in the pipe and also whistles over the necks of water bottles. Soon, colorful butterflies fly around him. Magic realism. The Jungle Book.

Pascoal is “the most impressive musician in the world,” Miles Davis once said. Well, no one can officially certify this verdict, but it doesn’t seem like it was completely lifted out of thin air this summer night in Augsburg. But first, the male quintet that Hermeto set up in the concert pavilion is impressive. At Bechstein, André Marques leaps onto his piano stool, chasing the colors of the scale up and down in jazz chords. The samba rhythms resound back and forth as Ajurinã Zwarg plays the drums and Itiberê Zwarg purrs on the electric bass. So far, so jazz, all the way to ecstasy.

Hermeto Pascoal’s colleagues also drumming on wooden shoes

But Hermeto’s magic only comes when she’s dancing a crazy drum solo. Fábio Pascoal, the master’s son, blows the children’s horn. At the same time, with “Guiro” in hand, he makes ratchet lutes. And then with this instrument it raises the beat to two – little pigs. Two squeaky plastic figurines, maybe piggy banks, misused in Brazil. Soon after, the drummers also transform the Dutch clog into a knockable instrument.

The Amazon will start bubbling soon. Or at least a glass of water, in which Hermeto Pascoal himself sings and sings. It sounds so close to the mic, almost like a muffled trombone. In the dramatic solo finale, “O Bruxo”, she tilts the glass over her head, almost like a rock star. It only gets comfortable when the boss picks up the accordion. Or when he plays the melody on the melody in harmony with the soprano saxophone. Otherwise, the boss watches like a Buddha at the synthesizer and allocates his energy to the Brazilian party. In time, he runs his fingers over the keys and adds a little spice.

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Into the jungle at the Augsburg International Summer Jazz

Meanwhile, the team races through botany like a fast train, non-stop. Jota P. plays piccolo and all saxophones – from the soprano instrument he almost gets the humming of a siren, but also highs as from the register of a dog whistle.

This concert was not a coincidence for people rejecting dance floors. Not for fans of whistling breakfast jazz. But those who fell in love with the beat were kidnapped by Hermeto Pascoal and his team. To the jungle.

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