The Rolling Stones in Berlin: “Lots of money to visit my grandfather and his buddies – on the one hand”

Rolling Stones in Waldbühne

“Much for visiting my grandfather and his buddies – on the one hand …”

Tue 08/02/22 | 17:36 | FROM Arno Frank

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The first Rolling Stones concert in Waldbühne went down in history – also because the arena was later destroyed. Now the Stones have returned. Ticket prices in particular can now go down in history. The question is, is it still worth it Arno Frank.

Is it still worth going to the Rolling Stones concert today? What does “today” mean? When else? You entered the court of King Henry VIII, toured during the Thirty Years’ War and forced everyone involved to fight the chairs at the Congress of Vienna in 1814.

But seriously: The Rolling Stones are at the forefront of pop culture on the age front. In the 90s, I went to a Rolling Stones concert at the Olympic Stadium in Munich because it was said, “Who knows if they’ll ever come back.” Mick Jagger and Keith Richards were as old as I am today – about 50.

Since then, every gig has been betting that their rhythm’n’blues will sound just as stale at almost 80 as it did 60 years ago when they started stealing chords from Muddy Waters and other black artists.

Today the Stones sell their own immortality

No concert review can do without a reference to how “fits” this Mick Jagger ran right to left again. As if it was a geriatric show. Rock ‘n’ roll was once the soundtrack of youth, when the concept of youth was just emerging.

Today the Rolling Stones are traveling salesmen selling their own immortality. They say, “We have to start thinking about how we want to leave the planet for our Keith Richards.”

The stones keep coming back. But not much else. Your best songs are older than you and me, every single since 1981’s “Start Me Up” sounds basically the same. Never change a victorious wild horse, as the Anglo-Saxons say, especially since they have tattooed themselves in the canon of pop culture.

For the preservation of monuments

Altamont Speedway, Nazi Party Rally Grounds – or Waldbühne 1965. Even adults among you will be able to proudly display the scars of this legendary battle today. Wednesday will probably be more civilized. As befits the conservation of monuments.

Is the money for the tickets justified? Since the death of drummer Charlie Watts. About 200 euros in the cheapest levels upstairs, 560 euros downstairs in front of the stage. There are as many people in Waldbühne as is accompanied by a “taz”, around 22,000. Several million euros will be withdrawn at the end of this evening. So it’s definitely worth it for the Rolling Stones.

For comparison: in 1965, the most expensive tickets cost ten marks, or about five euros. Then everyone who wanted it came. Only those who can afford it – and want it – are coming today. Solvent music lovers can now test their personal pain threshold, even adjusted for inflation.

Travel in a time machine

Coming soon, 600 euros with fees, one-third more than the regular Hartz IV rate or, depending on the bill, a ten-day holiday in Iceland with flight and accommodation. Or the amount that each household will have to pay more for gas this year. So a hell of a lot of entry fee for visiting my grandfather and his buddies at the retirement home. On the one hand.

On the other hand, as I said, it’s not about the music. But about traveling with a reliable work time machine. From this point of view, it is still way too cheap.

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