We wish you a lot of fun and a great atmosphere in the holiday program of the Volunteer Fire Department

106 children took part in a fun firefighting competition in Neustadt

Under the slogan “Everything about the fire brigade”, the Neustadt fire brigade has traditionally opened the Christmas program in the county town on the first Saturday of Christmas. After a two-year “forced break”, at least 106 children aged one to fourteen took part in a fun competition between 14.00 and 17.00. 40 girls and 66 boys showed enormous ambition and fought fiercely for point by point. Many adult companions watched the events of their charges with interest and enthusiasm.

Water Mini Golf: Use the water jet to direct the tennis balls into one of the five holes. Photo: Volunteer Fire Department Neustadt ad Aisch

The firefighters set up eight play stations in the morning. In addition to skill, sensitivity, concentration and energy, a bit of luck was also needed. In the spreader game, the children had to carefully transport the “water bombs” filled with the rescue spreader from one cone to the next. Large holes in the dropped lifeguard were a target for children in the second station to hit the sponges. Thanks to the water jet from a real jet pipe, the tennis balls had to be maneuvered into the holes of the “water mini-golf”. Steady hands and skill were required for the “hot wire” and “obstacle course”. In the past, you had to trace the contour of a fire engine wire with a metal ring with no contact that would set off an alarm. In the second, two ropes were used to “propel” the fire engine to its destination along an inclined plate – without deviating from the painted belt, because it would result in the loss of the load (golf ball). Putting on a (children’s) uniform and scooping up unused (and pierced!) Firefighting helmets has been an integral part of the game offer for many years and is very popular among children. Another water attraction is the “snake ride” in which wooden fire trucks must be moved along the hose with the force of the water – in direct competition with another child.

Neustadt an der Aisch: Have fun and enjoy the great atmosphere during the Volunteer Fire Department holiday program in August 2022.

Delicious: freshly prepared waffles with a fire brigade logo. Photo: Volunteer Fire Department Neustadt ad Aisch

After the playgrounds, girls and boys had the opportunity to drive a fire truck around the city. At the end, all participating children received an honorary degree in fire brigade. Depending on the total number of points scored, children can even be proud “Chief Fire Commanders”. The children could make another reminder of the holiday firefighting program by using a photo box, incl. B. in the original youth protective jacket and could take the printed photo with him.

More than 40 helpers ensured the smooth running of the event, working before and behind the scenes, morning or afternoon, most of them even all day long for the fire department and visitors. The hardworking helpers came from all areas of the fire department in Neustadt: members of the active, passive and supportive, youth fire department, members of the senior and honorary departments, and even children from the children’s fire department helped together and successfully dealt with the rush to the playgrounds and cake counters and barbecue.

Neustadt an der Aisch: Have fun and enjoy the great atmosphere during the Volunteer Fire Department holiday program in August 2022.

Operation Uniform – Always Fun: Putting on Operation Uniform! Photo: Volunteer Fire Department Neustadt ad Aisch

They were rewarded with many positive reviews from the guests, and the eyes of the children were beaming with enthusiasm. And it was all “worth it”: in addition to the promising commitment to supporting membership, the young man was even recruited into the active fire brigade!

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