Brokers deliver most of the transactions to these commercial insurers

August 5, 2022 – In the market of independent brokerage, VHV has the largest share in the areas of “civil / professional liability” and “commercial property insurance”. They are followed by Allianz and Axa (public / professional responsibility) as well as R + V and Allianz (commercial ownership). These are the main results of the Asscompact study “Commercial real estate market survey / casualty business 2022”.


This year, BBG Betriebsberatungs GmbH re-examined the importance of product suppliers in commercial composite insurance in the independent broker market.

The basis of the Asscompact study “Commercial real estate market research / casualty business 2022” is an online survey conducted in June and July among insurance brokers, investment brokers and many representatives. The net sample size was given as 219 respondents.

85 percent of the respondents are men. Respondents have an average of 26.1 years of industry experience and an average age of 55.6 years. On average, they want to retire at 67.5 years of age.

Methodology background

As part of the survey, intermediaries were “asked, inter alia, to provide a percentage of their activities (broken down by units) for preferred suppliers. The percentages are interpreted as point values ​​so that each broker can distribute a maximum of 100 points to all suppliers, the methodology explains.

Finally, according to the information, an index is created where the supplier with the highest value scores 100 points and the other suppliers are scored as a percentage based on their distance.

This procedure was applied to the two areas of “civil / professional liability” and “commercial property insurance”. Insurance for buildings, equipment and business interruption insurance fall into the latter category.


Responsibility of the company / profession: VHV with the largest share of the business

In the “Public Responsibility / Professional Responsibility” segment, VHV Allgemeine Versicherung AG kept its competitors at bay for the fifth time in a row (VersicherungsJournal 06/08/2021, 06/08/2020, 16/08/2019, 17/08/2018, 9 August 2017). The Hanoverians managed to keep their advantage over the chase at the level of about 50 points, after having increased it by almost 20 points in the previous year.

The closest persecutor is still Allianz Versicherungs-AG. In the fierce bronze race, Axa Versicherung AG defeated R + V Allgemeine Versicherung AG and HDI Versicherung AG, scoring around one seventh. After minor losses, the Wiesbaden team dropped from three to four and the Hanover team from four to five.

They are followed by Rhion Versicherung AG (16 to 6 points), Gothaer Allgemeine Versicherung AG (8 to 7 points), Haftpflichtkasse VVaG (9 to 8 points) and Nürnberger Allgemeine Versicherungs-AG (9 to 8 points) with just under 29 points to a good 24 points, eleven out of nine).

Stocks at BHV (Image: Wichert)

Last year, Alte Leipziger Versicherung AG (from seven to twelve) and Helvetia Versicherungen (from six to 16) fell out of the lead.

Commercial property insurance: VHV is still hot

In the area of ​​property insurance, VHV has defended its leading position, which it regained from Allianz last year. The Hanoverians increased their lead from 30 to 45 points over R + V, which remained in second place. Despite losses of almost ten points now, Allianz is back to bronze.

Axa is just a hair behind, improving by three points and two places. In fifth place (last year: fourth) HDI is almost seven points behind. Rhion Versicherung AG increased its relative business share by two-thirds, rising from eleven to six.

They are followed by Basler Sachversicherungs-AG and Gothaer (in reverse order to the previous year), followed by Mannheimer Versicherung AG (twelve to nine) and Nürnberger (15 to ten).

Interest in commercial real estate (Photo: Wichert)

Helvetia (from 5 to 12), Alte Leipziger (from 9 to 11) and Signal Iduna Group (from 10 to 14) dropped out of the top ten.

More details of the study

The 341-page “Commercial Real Estate / Casualty Business 2022 Survey” contains not only detailed rankings of company shares and broker satisfaction, but also an analysis of the best suppliers.

The volume of the report can be ordered from Sophia Tannreuther for EUR 2,677.50 incl. VAT by e-mail or by phone on 0921 7575823.

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