Criticism of racism in Berlin’s CSD: banned from awards ceremony

The Berlin-based QTI * BIPoC United collective was created in order to counteract white domination in queer organizations Berlin Pride and to draw attention to the voices and needs of the PoC community. The acronym stands for “queer, trans, inter, Black, Indigenous and People of Color”. Among other things, activists organized a campaign to commemorate the past Transgender Remembrance Day and a demo “Reclaiming Pride” with 2,500 participants, which last year led to an alternative CSD Berlin Pride as part of the star’s demo.

At this year’s great Berlin CSD on July 23, the collective should receive the “Soul of Stonewall Award” for its efforts in intersectional political practice. Actually – because the organizers of the CSD simply canceled anti-racist queer in a short time. At least the collective is raising this charge against the Berlin-based CSD association.

No awards ceremony, no speech

The collective represents the interests of racist queer people (Image: QTI * BIPoC United)

The invitation to receive an award as part of the stage program also deprived the group of the opportunity to speak – and thus to express criticism of the white-dominated queer clubs and structures in the prominent place.

But that’s not all: it is said that the stage program was too full for the awards ceremony and political content on Saturday, when some 600,000 people were on the streets of the capital (reports However, according to the collective, there was reportedly still a place for performances by PoC artists from the collective, where they sang and danced for free. Activists say less than 24 hours earlier they found out that the program had been redesigned and were not invited.

According to the collective, canceling the award is part of “CSD Berlin’s chain of trials to integrate us decoratively into its commercial event.” Singing and dancing bizarre black and colored people should “give the Berlin CSD a look of diversity” and make it “appear political and rebellious.” But as “QTI * BIPoC United” thinks, it obviously does not fit into the core of the event.

Although CSD Berlin promised in an email that it would respond to the allegations, a press inquiry by on the matter has not been answered from Tuesday to today. It is therefore not clear what the conflict over the canceled award ceremony looks from the association’s point of view. The collective award announcement can still be found on the CSD website. Consequently, the group seeks to highlight those voices that “have been marginalized and silenced for too long.”

Reclaiming Pride demo in September

But the criticism of the official CSD association goes even further. The organizers are accused not only of collaborating and “collaborating” with the police, which are responsible for the social exclusion of blacks, indigenous peoples and PoC queers. The presence of large corporations such as the Facebook parent company Meta and Tesla is also a thorn in the side of activists.

Therefore, active anti-racist queers have now announced that they will no longer participate in the great Berlin CSD in response to treatment: “We are not taking part in Christopher Street Days, which show blacks and people of color to wash their diversity and thus actually recreate the racial dynamics.” Pride’s demonstration, which “does not put anti-racism and anti-capitalism at the center of queer liberation,” is not one of them. Here, the “class concerns” of black and colored misfits would be contrasted with those of middle-class white lesbians and gays. It is “a bitter tradition in Germany”.

And: September will continue what started with last year’s star demo with another “Reclaiming Pride”. On September 10, the collective will demonstrate and celebrate “with friends and siblings” in Berlin for emancipation: “We want to develop shared perspectives that go beyond identity politics. We want a policy of participation and a practice of radical solidarity. our differences, but precisely because we are different, we want to fight for a good life together. “

In order to make their idea of ​​such a policy more concrete, activists put forward ten demands. These include points such as abolitionism, that is, the elimination of “racist police and security apparatuses”, thinking about liberation beyond capitalist conditions, social, political and social participation “instead of a policy of diversity” or “need-oriented and low-threshold health care”. for “vulnerable members of our communities due to social and structural discrimination”. (jk)

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