Heaven Pagoda Planned Demolition: Readers say

Hohen Neuendorf. The planned demolition of the Heavenly Pagoda in two or three years, in Hohen Neuendorf, even far beyond the city limits, gets a rather negative echo. This is evidenced by the sheer number of comments on Facebook about MAZ reports – and the origin of the authors. But the cube has been cast: in three years at the latest, the restaurant is to be closed, and the spectacular building is to be demolished.

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Pagoda operators do not want to stand in the way of development

Restaurant operator Wengui Ye does not want to stand in the way of Hohen Neuendorf’s development, he says in an interview with MAZ. And the city, for its part, is being encouraged to “use land more sparingly,” says the mayor. As part of the concept of integrated urban development, the minister himself “recorded this in the logbook” in order to build more compactly.

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Nico Paschen called the defect on Facebook “MAZ Oberhavel”: “Slowly I don’t like our city anymore! The garden city or the bee – don’t make me laugh … ”Bea Sta from Hohen Neuendorf comments the development with pure irony:“ Since we have such a great infrastructure, that’s no problem. So why not and make it possible for even more people to live in the country: Super S-Bahn connection (good time on S1), lots of free places in kindergarten, high schools, lots of doctors, quick visits to the registration office and so on. ” It is said that a few more people are definitely fine. The only question that remains is: “Does the description of life” in the countryside “still fit with Hohen Neuendorf’s urban development, or do we have to delete it then?

Bergfelde is already “paved”

The pagoda made Hohen Neuendorf famous throughout Germany, says Thoralf Zab from Hohen Neuendorf. And it is the essential part of the logo on the town hall – along with the water tower. Bergfelde is already ‘paved’ around the train station, and now there too. ‘ That doesn’t make Hohen Neuendorf any more attractive. “Nothing against the new living space, but I think the decision is wrong,” says Thoralf Zab.

Hopefully cheaper housing for firefighters

“Dude, I just hope the apartments are at least affordable,” writes Alexander Bieck of Hohen Neuendorf. “At least for the people who belong to the center (volunteer fire department and company). Otherwise you just screwed up, dear Hohen Neuendorf town!

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It was no longer economically viable, says Anja Kremer from Berlin. “With a new tax depreciation, somewhere a new beginning begins.” But he is more concerned that “there is no sound infrastructure.” The trailer is already standing “due to construction work and worse because of problems on the highway”. In addition, there is an enormous heat load that affects the Berlin Belt. “We are no longer protected from climatic storms,” ​​he notes. “Why don’t we learn from the mistakes of other cities that put a lot of effort and money into the artificial installation of greenery and water. You can also choke on profit and money. “

Pagoda: a holiday destination

Nico Albrecht from Bärenklau also regrets this decision. “It’s really a pity. Compared to other Chinese restaurants in the surrounding towns, the pagoda had by far the best buffet offer in terms of choice and taste. ” When the pagoda disappears, no one but Hohen Neuendorf will have anything on the radar screens. For him, the heavenly pagoda is often the target of celebrations such as birthdays and wedding anniversaries. “We will take the opportunity to celebrate our wedding anniversary again on August 31,” said the former Oranienburg.

More Facebook votes for Hohen Neuendorf Heaven Pagoda:

: “It’s a pity for sure, and the tastes are different. But who believes that the flats to be built there are available to the average consumer? “

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to me: “It has not been a beautiful sight for a long time. (…) I have asked myself this question so often, who approves these buildings. Or in Bergfelde at the train station. “Beautiful” corner. “

: “Several people will fill their pockets just like when it was built. (…) The pagoda could be integrated into a small residential district. The nature of the garden city has long since disappeared. “

: “What was the criticism when the pagoda was built: it doesn’t fit here, it’s too glamorous, etc. Now that it’s about to be demolished, people are complaining again. I’ve never liked eating there.

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