Holger Müller leads the SaaS department at Adesso

From Plusserver to Adesso
Holger Müller leads the SaaS department at Adesso

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The new position of Holger Müller is the head of Adesso as a Service. The manager, who previously served as Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Plusserver, is now responsible for the SaaS business and cloud hosting at Dortmund-based Adesso.

Holger Müller changes from Plusserver to Adesso.

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Holger Müller left Plusserver and took up a new career challenge at Adesso. From this month, he will be responsible for the SaaS business and cloud hosting at an IT service provider from Dortmund as Head of Adesso as a Service. Previously, the manager was a member of the Plusserver management team as Chief Operating Officer (COO). He has been with a Cologne-based cloud specialist since mid-2018, where he helped shape the transformation from hosting to a managed multicloud provider.

The position of Head of Adesso as a Service was newly created. The company provides SaaS applications to clients both on its own infrastructure and on hyperscaler platforms. Müller brings a wealth of experience to this area of ​​responsibility, not only from his role at Plusserver but also from his previous position at Axians. At the service provider, he was the director of the Data Center & Managed Services division.

Previously, Müller was responsible for IT management and operations at the system company Fritz & Macziol, which was merged with Axians at the beginning of 2016. An engineer graduate since 2006, associated with Ulm, where he built the IT Management Consulting department. His other professional positions include Comparex (now SoftwareOne) and Hewlett-Packard, where he worked as a consultant.

Entrepreneurial thinking

Müller has given Adesso an “entrepreneurial and creative personality,” says Andreas Prenneis, member of the company’s management board. “His expertise in multicloud hosting and business transformation is of particular value to the consistent further development of our as-a-service portfolio.”

Adesso has grown considerably in recent years. The service provider currently employs nearly 7,000 people at 56 locations in twelve European countries and achieved sales of EUR 678 million in 2021. This makes the Westphalian company one of the largest IT consulting companies based in Germany.

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