Two families walk with their pets from Lake Constance to Meissen – Pottenstein

– A total of 24 goats ringing bells, 16 Heidschnucken sheep, six children and four adults are now running around the Bayreuth district. They are happy, they look forward to the new day and have only one goal: Meissen in Saxony.

There are cars behind them, no one honking. They quickly veered off the road and are moving along country roads. They enclose two worn-out fields by the side of the road under trees in the wilderness and take a lunch break. “We avoid busy roads, including railroad crossings, and larger towns and cities,” explains Anja Eulitz, one of four adults.

They have been on their way to a new life for over two weeks. “Our kids had school until July 15th, we picked up our pets in the afternoon and then we started,” says a beaming 40-year-old social worker. Her friend Stefanie Schmidt planned the route.

“We’re running away to Komoot. Sometimes we have to consciously make little detours for the sake of our herd. We’ve planned four weeks and we’ll see if we can do it in that time, ”smiles Anja Eulitz.

Buying land on Lake Constance too expensive

Two friendly families lived in Sipplingen near Überlingen on Lake Constance and as part-time jobs they kept the village with their Tauern snails, Bure goats and Heidschnucke sheep. There was a great desire to have our own land and home. “We rented an apartment on Lake Constance. But the acquisition is not financially possible at Lake Constance, it is definitely too expensive, ”laments Robert Szabo, father of two from the second family. “The best you can afford is a small house with a central terrace and you have to pay forever,” regrets Anja Eulitz.

Together with her forty-one-year-old husband Stefan and three children, she will move to a farm with her parents-in-law near Meissen. “We have family ties here. Our friends Robert and Stefanie will go to Brandenburg with their daughter and son, also to relatives, and start over, just like us. ”

At first, she showed off to her husband, Stefan, when he suggested that they should consciously walk their new life path. But then it caught fire – as did the second family and five children. “We’re all very motivated,” she laughs and sets the blanket down for Vespers. Among the travelers there is an additional child – a school friend of children, who eagerly spends his holidays with this adventure, a farewell trip.

Finally a break in Hohenmirsberg. From the left, Anja Eulitz, Robert Szabo, Stefanie Schmidt and Stefan Eulitz rest with their children for the remaining day of the tour.

© Rosi Thiem, NN

15 kilometers a day

The plan was initially about 20 kilometers a day. “We now walk about fifteen kilometers a day because the sheep are not keeping pace – it would not be a problem for the goats. But it’s about the welfare of our animals. We have registered the trip and registered with poviat offices. The official vet comes in every ten days. The animals are vaccinated.

We are officially on the way and we have a driving license. ” Go carefully and consciously – this goal is always ready. Now it goes in the direction of Bayreuth – Hof – Chemnitz. “We meet so many open-minded people and find paths we would never find,” marvels 41-year-old vegetable gardening mistress and treatment teacher Stefanie Schmidt.

They especially like Franconian Switzerland with its bizarre, varied landscape. “It was also nice at the Brombachsee. It’s very striking – they always go east of the lush green Lake Constance. ” They have also passed agricultural deserts and have to search for new food for the animals every day. – If that’s not enough, we have hay with us in the trailer – says 35-year-old Hungarian Robert Szabo, a roofer and plumber by profession. “The further we go east, the drier the landscape becomes.” The jogging takes place in turns, and the children are happy to join in. The rest follow by car and trailer to rest.

Along the way, most people welcome adventurers with open arms and admire their courage. “Some people are skeptical at first, but then they hear what we’re planning and that we don’t want to hurt anyone and open up. It varies from valley to valley, ”laughs Anja Eulitz.

Local residents called the police

Except for one time, there were no problems. In the Nuremberg area, the police stood in front of the tents in the morning. Local residents called the police and were surprised to find strangers around the cornfields. “But that was quickly resolved. People were concerned because firewood was stolen here earlier. We do not harm anyone, we do not leave garbage, we do not destroy fields, we do not light fires and we treat our nature protectively and carefully – he says.

In addition to hay, groceries, mattresses, an intermediate floor as a place to sleep and tents are in the caravan. “We set them up every evening and take them off every morning,” says Robert Szabo, a skilled craftsman. On the way, they get fresh drinking water from the locals and sometimes plum cake. “People are very helpful. We were looking for a transport for animals to cross Nuremberg, even this was arranged in a friendly way. We always ask where we can stay with our herd and tents. ”

Children play in water reservoirs that are located along the appropriate path. It was also a big turning point for them as they left their old school, old friendships and a previously known environment.

“go slowly”

“Now is a time between two lives for us,” observes Stefan Eulitz, 41, a farmer and youth educator in Demeter. “We are deliberately traveling 600 kilometers slowly and on foot to leave the past behind and face this new life. It’s good to say goodbye.

There was money to maintain the landscape on Lake Constance. Now it will be different in the East. “The East shouts” Woo-hoo “, finally there will be someone who cares about maintaining the landscape, who is happy and knows it is necessary, but unfortunately there will be no money for it,” compares Anja Eulitz.

When they arrive in Meissen – on schedule or later, depending on the animals, the herd and the two families split up and the first thing to do is to unpack the moving boxes. “Our packed things are already waiting for us”, smile Anja Eulitz and Robert Szabo are happy: “If we then have something of our own in Brandenburg and Saxony, then we can finally plan as we want, and we also have jobs to be needed. “

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