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Calvin Kleinen knows what reality viewers want: HIM!

And that’s why the 30-year-old is now a popular go-to for many formats of rubbish. There he often caused a stir as a heartbreaker.

In summer 2022, Reality Casanova can be viewed simultaneously in two formats. From July 7, the little ones are here The great penance of the celebrity “for his sins, and from August 2 also in the RTL dating program” Are you the only one – the stars of reality in love “.

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This is what Calvin does in “The Great Celebrity Penance”

On “ Great penance of celebrities“Television macho should face his most dubious faux pas and rethink his behavior. However, already in Episode 1 it becomes clear: Calvin is and remains Casanova! She expresses great interest in her colleagues from the campaign Carina Spack. The regular reality TV was particularly impressed with her breast size …

Calvin doesn’t understand the team’s evil spirit: in Episode 2 there’s a bad atmosphere between Calvin and the Helena Furst! In one challenge, the Princess of Darkness led her team to defeat. Penalty: Team must run 30,000 steps. The princess only partially participated.

Episode 3 goes straight to the point: the seducer has to admit his shame! and Olivia Jones did not treat him with children’s gloves. Theme of the hour: Calvin’s relationship with women.

Olivia confronted Calvin with excerpts from his previous appearances in real life, to which Playboy reacted fairly calmly. But when she snapped at him for his sexist rap lyrics, things got worse. As punishment for his sins, Calvin must wash his comrades’ laundry!

In Episode 4, Calvin is loaded with testosterone again: he insults Ennesto’s music, keeps looking for trouble and flirts intensely with Carina Spack! So the sports team challenge came at the right time for this myoma. Daniel Köllerer, Elena Miras, Simex and Calvin form a more athletic team. They are still losing!

And finally: Calvin Beefs with buddy Daniele Negroni! Calvin felt that Daniele should go home. Reason: the singer’s alleged mental instability. Daniele reacts deeply hurt: “Get out of my sight, Calvin!”

In episode 5, Comrade-in-Arms Daniel Koellerer was nominated to be kicked out. Calvin volunteers as an opponent in a duel so that his “little brother” Simex doesn’t have to compete.

Is the reality Casanova against Daniel Kollerer you can claim you will find out next Thursday at 20:15 on ProSieben!


Reality road to fame

The extrovert Calvin Kleinen started his career while still a student: he worked as a party promoter in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria.

From 2015 to 2018 he devoted himself to his great passion, music. A great role model for a native of Aachen: Eminem. Calvin recorded two albums which he later regretted due to explosive lyrics.

Calvin Kleinen always shows up in a cool pose and casual outfit

Photo: photo ally / dpa / Revierfoto

In 2019, he made his reality TV debut: Calvin Kleinen took part in the second season with his then-girlfriend Pia Island of temptations in Bali. The flirting and funny Calvin put everyone in a good mood, especially with his party atmosphere, and got plenty of airtime. However, his relationship did not survive! No problem for Calvin. He met the seductress Roxy and a year later he visited Temptation Island VIP in Croatia with her. The compound also did not survive this test.

But: Trash TV fans can’t get enough of their muscles. This was followed by numerous other television appearances, such as the second season of Reality Festival Star – Who’s the Brightest Candle. Calvin put his general knowledge to the test here. And it was also recognized as the brightest candle!

Calvin is an integral part of Junk TV! From “Celebrities under the palm trees”, “Ninja Warrior Celebrity Special” to “Couple Challenge”, which he also won with his brother. In addition, Mucki appears again and again as a celebrity guest at various shows and creates a legendary party atmosphere.

His TV appearances

Year format Canal
2022 Are you the only one – reality stars in love RTL +
2022 Great penance of celebrities ProSieben
2022 An island of temptation RTL +
2022 Celebrities and a nurse RTTWO
2022 hard – lifestyle magazine ProSieben
2022 Pair challenge – the strongest team wins RTL +
2022 Exclusive – Celebrity Magazine RTL
2021 Special offer for Ninja Warrior celebrities RTL
2021 Reality MTV
2021 The stars under the palm trees Sat 1
2021 Explosive – Warehouse RTL
2021 Reality Stars Festival – Who is the brightest candle? Sat 1
2021 A performance from the 1980s – Honey RTL
2020 Pocher – dangerously honest! RTL
2020 VIP island of temptation RTL
2020 An island of temptation RTL

His music

Year song
2022 too wild
2021 not relevant
2021 Playa
2021 leopard
2021 Laura
2021 the shop is too small
2020 New ex 2

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