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Completely detached from the Braunschweig trampoline park

08/06/2022, 20:08

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Leisure Tip: Jump XL Braunschweig

Leisure Tip Jump XL Braunschweig

The hall in Braunschweig-Wenden in a test – play at your own risk. Video: Stefan Lohmann

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The hall in Braunschweig-Wenden in a test and as a leisure tip: play at your own risk. What is important?

When the donkey gets too comfortable, it goes to the – springboard. You could see it this way, but also in a completely different way. With a little discipline and supervision necessary, jumping on a trampoline is not only great fun but also great fun training for the whole body. We have trampoline park Jump XL tested in Braunschweig-Wen.

Important experience at the very beginning: you can’t just start jumping. First of all, a briefing for everyone Jump Master. Sören (17) and Niklas (20) take me crazy and look after me and the other guests for the next hour and a half. That is the rule here. cork socks also, by the way, not just any kicks. The Jumpmasters themselves are fiddly, trained and alert.

In a trampoline park, it is helpful to respect the limits of physics

Same on the front Free jump zone – Mini foam trampolines, hurdles, platforms, inclined jumping mats plus one long falling trackwhere experienced people already arrange beautiful Koppheister cascades and fast wheels of the cart.

One of us, who has evidently avoided the storm and the jumping time, is the first to remember defeating seriousness it is inevitably associated with relapse. Because that’s what you should have here: respect for rights physics with acceleration and sudden collision of forces – and in front of the limits of your body.

Children and adolescents run freely

And then the most beautiful observation of the day: while the old donkey is still pondering how it all works and works, and if at all, gymnastics and madness, it must be said, somnambulistic fun with great movement. Completely detached from the ground.

Everywhere shaving pitsfrom which they have to dig again after a stormy landing. Happy parents on the sidelines, because they know that whoever comes out of here exhausted, exhausted, jumped out, they will definitely give up the rest of the day, except for one question: When are we going again?

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He plays basketball on the Braunschweig springboard

Yes it is Sportsalthough it’s not a cheap pleasure that gives some families perspective. An hour at Jump XL costs 13 euros, 90 minutes 17 euros, two hours 21 euros. All at your own risk, you must know this. Who is the right one Explanation does not sign or has already completed online before, cannot jump. We have them with us. And I advise everyone: You can do it, but there is also a risk.

Continue our Jump tour. The kind to work out Ninja warrior course à la RTL. Again schnitzel included. One Basketball trampolinewhere you can stick like one of the Harlem Globetrotters, only with a throw rest. Cool.

Soft landing in the foam pool

For a toddler trapeze like in a circus. Drop off the padded platform and drop onto the foam pool. Oh yes, the youngest. They have their own mini tramp area. It’s nice to see how jumping and trying have a positive effect on your confidence and sense of movement.

All these beautiful effects, if you wish, can also be enjoyed by those who practice the desired sport association with proper training and mentoring.

With padded sticks on the pitch balance beam

The head of the hall, Jason Gulich in Wenden, gives the motto of w trampoline park from: “Have fun, take care of yourself and other guests.” This is how it is done, now we are getting closer to the wobbly as well airbag or in Knight’s fight XXL with paddles on the stroke balance bar. knock her down

Not my case today because I was determined to High performance trampoline jumped, throws there Canvas much more, similar to the professional equipment used by gymnasts. And here it is: With your posture and body tension you don’t fly and stupidly wind yourself up to one or the other successful pirouette. More or less.

Then it’s the rogues’ turn again. They wander from cloth to cloth, using upholstery with virtuosity plinths, challenging, challenging entertainment that you need to be ready for. Enough today. I rest the rest of the day.

trampoline park XL Jump Braunschweig-Wenden, Wendebrück 20. Telephone 05307/9807890. Opening hours, tariffs, terms and conditions, declaration of consent:

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