Janik Dieckmann is imitating Zlatan Ibrahimovic at TuS Sulingen

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Hard to stop: Sulingen center-forward Janik Dieckmann (left, here in the “ALTS Cup” against Nick Gerken from Seckenhausen) brings enormous physical strength to his game. © Toebelmann

Coach Iman Bi Ria knows: the attacker has to be ‘tickled’. Janik Dieckmann managed to do this. His debut in the TuS Sulingen national league was impressive. Our season preview, ‘Kickoff’, reveals what the 21-year-old wants to achieve this season – and what great similarities he has to Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Here are all the lyrics of “Kickoff”

Sulingen – During his presentation on the Instagram page of TuS Sulingen, Janik Dieckmann stated that Zlatan Ibrahimovic is his favorite player. And I must say: it fits quite well. First of all, visually. The center forward TuS (21) and the nearly twice as old Swedish superstar AC Milan (40) wear braids like tattoos, are athletic, chunky players – and both are giants. Dieckmann is 1.96 m tall, Ibrahimovic 1.95. There are also similarities in soccer. They are both bipeds and know where the target is. “I am impressed with his aura, his presence on the pitch,” Dieckmann raves about Ibrahimovic: “And that provokes self-confidence at times.”

Dieckmann himself was not very successful in sports – now Zlatan’s supporter, who spreads 93 kilograms almost two meters, is well on his way to developing his full potential. In any case, his start in the national league team was promising. Five goals in the “ALTS Cup” in Ristedt – the direct top scorer in a strong tournament. “I didn’t really expect this,” admits an insurance salesman. When asked about the reasons for his streak, there is a quick reply. “It’s actually relatively easy,” says Dieckmann, “We have a young, great squad. Everyone is hot. ” He knows Julian Fehse, Lennart Greifenberg and Timo Hibbeler from his time in the youth team A of JFV Rehden, together they advanced from Lower Saxony to the regional league. Dieckmann thinks this is a big advantage: “You know the walking routes and don’t have to talk too much. You understand each other blindly.

Serve Fehse and Greifenberg

He also feels very comfortable with the Sulinger playing system: “I’ve been hit by long balls a lot in the past, but I also need them in the penalty area.” Alongside Dieckmann, Seckenhauser newcomer Howard Barbosa (30), nine years older and experienced in football, stormed several times. “We complement each other very well and communicate a lot,” says Dieckmann, “And Howard often paves the way for me to have enough space.”

And then there’s a new coach. Iman Bi Ria relies heavily on a center forward whose left foot is a weapon – and the right, according to his own statement, is only slightly weaker. “He pushes you, he’s never negative and tells you right in the face if he doesn’t like something,” Dieckmann says of Bi Ria.

Bi Ria’s special relationship with the attackers

The coach discovered his lost self-confidence in long conversations. “The forward needs verbal caresses and the feeling that the coach counts on him, this security,” emphasizes Bi Ria, the former goal scorer himself. If something doesn’t work in your head, even the simplest things don’t work, the 38-year-old knows. “But now the ball is twisting left and right in the net. Janik feels liberated. He was always good, it was enough to tickle him a little, “says Bi Ria, predicting,” If he can keep it that way, he will be high on the list of the state league’s top scorers. “

Like a man named Chris Brüggemann last season in which Sulingen fought relegation for a long time and successfully. With 25 goals, Brüggemann made a huge contribution – but like many other top players, he left the club and joined the district league team TuS Wagenfeld.

Bruggemann? Dieckmann is “a different guy”

Will Dieckmann now succeed him as a top clipper? “Of course I want to score as many goals as possible,” says the 21-year-old, “but Chris is a completely different type of player than I am.” constantly compared. In any case, Bi Ria plans to spread the scoring over several arms: “We want to be more diverse.”

Dieckmann, one of Bi Ria’s “coveted players” seems to be set right now. I’ve known him for several years. When he was in Twistringen, I thought: I would like to have him on my team. ” He couldn’t understand why Dieckmann played so little for the SCT.

Sulingen just fits – geographically too

The fact is that the powerful striker in Twistringen (he came there with VfL Oythe) was not happy. “It didn’t fit anymore,” says Dieckmann, “I lost some fun in football there.” He joined the “other” TuS – also because of the short distances. His girlfriend lives in Sulingen, he lives in Aschen near Diepholz. His home club is there too. Just after last winter’s change, Thorolf Meyer, Sulinger’s former coach, called him and showed him a perspective on the state league team.

Now Dieckmann is there – and he wants to achieve a lot. His ambitious goal: “I am optimistic and would like to finish in the top five.”

The pink HSV jersey only at the Volksparkstadion

With his pink HSV jersey, Janik Dieckmann always caused a stir during his stay at SC Twistringen during the craft – and two years ago he also took part in a little photo game with a Uwe-Seeler mask. At TuS Sulingen, they now wear the same training clothes – and Dieckmann only wears this eye-catching jersey when he visits the Volksparkstadion. He’s there three or four times a season, says the 21-year-old. The death of Seeler recently “obviously shocked the Hamburg fan.” I think everyone wishes he would see HSV rise. ” Will it be possible this season? “I hope so,” says Dieckmann, “otherwise I see black.”

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