Sommersound VS begins: Wincent Weiss opens a series of concerts in Villingen – region and country

Wincent Weiss bathes in the crowd. Photo: Oak

Wincenty Weiss’s concert started the Sommersound VS festival in Villingen on Friday evening. More superstars will come.

Villingen-Schwenningen – What a sonic beginning of summer it was! German pop singer Wincent Weiss not only highlighted his reputation as a teenage heartbreaker, but also won the hearts of the rest of the audience on Friday night and literally took it by storm.

Supporting Fabian Wegerer barely left the stage when another young man, also in a white T-shirt, burst onto the stage, grabbed the microphone and started the song. No instruments, no lighting effects, pure Wincent Weiss. “Hey, there should be music,” he sang – and 3,000 voices agreed, “there should be music.”

The singer has not lost his fun

And here was the music of Wincent Weiss, who – if you listen to his new album – has grown up, somehow matured and reaches deep into the text field. But there is one thing he has not lost in this maturation: fun and carefree. He laughed, joked and was close to the audience from the very first minute.

Hours earlier, hot-blooded fans waited outside the festival gates for pop singer Wincent Weiss for Sommersound VS. Armed with stuffed backpacks, plenty of provisions, rugs and longing posters, they stayed in the heat from the early hours of the morning.

Not “Maybe someday”, but now, after the crown postponements in previous years, this Friday exactly, a swarm of teenagers has opened the Sommersound VS festival in Villingen-Schwenningen at the Druckzentrum Südwest.

Vincent has to wait too

With Karoevents and the city of Villingen-Schwenningen as partners, the Black Forest Bote is organizing a festival of several days in a double city. At the beginning there should be a “firework” with the 29-year-old songwriter – it was lit by almost 3,000 visitors – finally live music again, and finally a real festival in the regional center of Villingen-Schwenningen.

Wincent Weiss also had to wait – his current, third album “Maybe Irgendwann” was released in May 2021. However, he could not go on tour with him for a long time. Now he had a lot of new things in his luggage, more serious, more thoughtful content than before. “Far”, “What are you thinking”, “Good times” – this time it is also about the disadvantages of success, about yesterday and tomorrow, sometimes also about distance.

With the sound of summer, distance was no longer a problem

With the summer sound, the distance was no longer a problem – quite the opposite. Wincent Weiss was swimming in the crowd from the very beginning. He literally takes the second song “Hier mit Dir”, climbs over the barrier to the center of the audience, and then is “here”, not only “with you” but with many fans who enthusiastically sing, shout, celebrate – and until the last note .

But right after the end of the first festival night in Villingen-Schwenningen, it’s already happening in Villingen-Schwenningen.

BossHoss and Fantastischen Vier are yet to come

There is no time to rest: this Saturday, the stage belongs to “The Great Seven of Rock”: The BossHoss. “Black is Beautiful”, the name of her 2018 album will say it all: real rock’n’roll, adrenaline, wild freedom.

It continues on Sunday August 7 with Fantastischen Vier and German hip-hop. “What works”? Of course: the best 30 years with Fantasies. No matter how much they have developed, what remains is: thick bass, rap and scratch because: They are harvesting what they have sown.

How to get tickets

There are also tickets at the box office for TheBossHoss (Saturday, August 6, 8pm) and Die Fantastischen Vier (Sunday, August 7, 8pm). Admission and opening of the evening ticket office two hours before the start of the concert. Advance tickets are still available for the Mark Forster concert on Friday, August 12 at the VS-Schwenningen exhibition center at or via the ticket hotline on 07423/7 87 90.

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