90,000 guests at Andreas Gabalier’s concert on the exhibition grounds

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Andreas Gabalier performs on stage in front of over 90,000 visitors as part of the “Back to Live Show” during an open-air concert at the exhibition grounds. © dpa / Karl-Josef Hildenbrand

Saturday’s concert by Andreas Gabalier at the Munich exhibition center was long awaited by many. Visitors were offered not only music

Updated on August 7

More than 90,000 fans celebrated Austrian pop singer Andreas Gabalier with an open-air concert at the Munich exhibition center on Saturday evening. The show was actually scheduled to be part of a “fan festival” in the summer of 2020, but was postponed twice due to restrictions caused by the crown pandemic.

Great rush in Gabalier despite the limited support program

The support program has been scaled down: the amusement park announced in 2019 has been canceled. Visitors – many in dirndles and lederhosen – were allowed to enter the area at 12 noon. Among other things, there was a gastronomic offer with a “mile of food trucks”. The highlight, however, was Gabalier’s evening concert – with lots of light and pyrotechnics on the big stage. (dpa)

Updated on August 4

Andreas Gabalier will play a concert on Saturday at the Munich exhibition center. Many fans are already looking forward to the show – but now Munich Transport Company (MVG) and Johanniter are turning to them with an important tip.

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MVG tips at the Gabalier concert at the Munich exhibition center

For Saturday’s concert, Gabalier MVG expects bottlenecks on arrival and departure at the Munich exhibition center. While the metro offering will be expanded, MVG recommends that you allocate more time for tours before and after the show and explore alternatives.

Guests entering the concert venue via the North, West or VIP entrances should exit at the Messestadt West. The best way to get to the eastern access is from Messestadt Ost.

  • The U8 Booster line compresses the distance from the city center to the exhibition center into a 5-minute cycle on arrival and departs from the Olympic Center at around 11am.
  • Additional trains run on the U2 line between Harthof and Messe from 17:00 to around 02:00.
  • After the concert, additional trains run in short distances from the Messestadt West underground station as U2 and U8 towards the city center. The metro station can be reached via the eastern entrance to the event area.
  • For security reasons, the Messestadt Ost underground station is closed for the time of departure.

After the concert, when thousands of visitors rush towards the subway, waiting times may be longer.

If there is a risk of the metro station becoming overcrowded, it will be closed as usual for safety reasons until there is enough space on the platform for passengers to climb.

Alternatives to travel to and from the Gabalier concert in Munich

Concert guests can also use the S-Bahn (city rail) to travel to and from the concert venue. S2 can be reached on foot via the Riem and Feldkirchen train stations from the west entrance to the event site. Concert guests can connect to the S4 and S6 at Trudering Station.

Additionally, the organizer offers a free shuttle bus to the Munich area after the event. A suitable bus terminal is in front of the ICM Congress Center in Messesee.

Solid shoes at Andreas Gabalier’s concert in Munich – Johanniter gives information to visitors at the concert at the exhibition grounds on Saturday

Johanniter’s recommendation is: Guests should wear sturdy and comfortable shoes. It sounds almost fun at first, but there’s a reason for it.

“In the past, at Andreas Gabalier’s concerts, we handed out team aids by the meter because Hafer’s shoes hadn’t shrunk yet or the dirndl pumps caused blisters,” says Johanniter COO Markus Bauer.

Not all Gabalier concert venues in the Munich exhibition center are asphalted. The route from the metro or parking lot would be several kilometers. Therefore, it is better to wear sturdy shoes.

In addition, concert viewers should prepare for the evening after a two-year break in the open air, explains Bauer.

“The concert is exhausting, you should drink one and a half to two liters of non-alcoholic liquid.” And even if it gets colder again on Saturday, Bauer recommends: “Pack sun protection, as shaded spots are rare on exhibition grounds.”

However, storms are currently expected: Guests of the Gabalier concert should therefore bring a rain poncho, as umbrellas are not allowed on the exhibition grounds for safety reasons.

Andreas Gabalier gives a concert in Munich – Johanniter in action at the exhibition grounds

Over 100 volunteer doctors and paramedics led by Johanniter will be on duty next Saturday at the concert site in the north of the Munich exhibition center.

We are active with over 100 volunteers to be able to help immediately in emergencies or even minor injuries. When tens of thousands of people come together, anything can happen – from an allergic reaction to an insect bite to heart problems.

After Andreas Gabalier’s performance, Helene Fischer and Robbie Williams are on the starting blocks to warm up the gigantic stage at the Munich exhibition center.

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