Gamescom 2022 brings metal legends to Cologne

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FROM: Joost Rademacher


It’s going to be loud at Gamescom 2022. The performance of the rhythmic shooter Metal: Hellsinger Funcom has planned the biggest concert in the history of the fair.

Cologne – Gamescom is actually quite a loud event. Thousands of visitors fill the exhibition halls each August to see the latest games ahead of their premiere, and numerous exhibitors compete for attention with music and parties. This year, the Outsiders, creator of Metal: Hellsinger, may attract a lot of attention. The studio announced a concert with the artists from the game’s soundtrack at Gamescom 2022, which is to be the largest concert in the history of the fair.

The name of the game Metal: Hellsinger
edition September 13, 2022
Publishers funcom
developer Stranger
Platform PS5, Xbox Series X | S, PC
genre First-person shooter, rhythm game

Metal: Hellsinger at Gamescom 2022 – Big concert with Trivium, Arch Enemy announced

Who will perform at the concert? For the Metal: Hellsinger Soundtrack, development studio The Outsiders has gathered virtually everything that has a reputation for metal. The music lives up to the name of the game, but gets even better when you can enjoy thick riffs and explosive beats live and in color. So The Outsiders and publisher Funcom planned their own gig at Gamescom 2022 with an all-star cast of musicians who contributed to the Metal: Hellsinger soundtrack. The composition of the concert looks like this:

  • Matt Heafy (Trivium)
  • Alissa White-Gluz (Arch enemy)
  • Mikael Stanne (Dark Peace)
  • Dennis Lyxzen (Denied / INVSN)
  • James Dorton (beginner in the Black Crown)

Show participants can expect a meeting of the greatest musicians of the metal genre. But great musicians also demand a big enough concert, and Funcom doesn’t want to be stingy in this regard. In the trailer for the show, the publisher promises “the biggest gig in Gamescom history.” Many may not have had an event like this on the Gamescom 2022 hope list.

When and where will the concert take place? The concert should start on Thursday, August 25, 2022 at the Gamescom fairgrounds. A starting shot will be fired at 19:00. It is not known how long the performances will last. However, all the musicians will perform the original Metal: Hellsinger songs. People unable to attend the concert on site also have the option to watch live broadcasts of the event free of charge. It is available on the official website of the game.

Metal: Hellsinger at Gamescom 2022 – a shooter with tact

What kind of game is Metal: Hellsinger? Thanks to Metal: Hellsinger, Swedish development studio The Outsiders wants to give fans of shooters more tact. In the role of a demon, players travel through hell and shoot down all kinds of hellish creatures. But all of this happens in time with the appropriate level of background music, almost every action has to do with the rhythm. The better you shoot, reload and dodge to the beat, the better you will survive against the infernal hordes and the more points you get.

Metal at Gamescom 2022 – the biggest concert in the history of the fair has been announced © The Outsiders / koelnmesse (Montage)

For metal fans there is a real buffet of famous bands and artists of the genre. The bands that performed at the Gamescom 2022 concert added their own songs to the soundtrack, and band members from Jinjer, System of a Down and Lamb of God also joined the event.

When will Metal: Hellsinger be released? If you like the Metal: Hellsinger concept, you should mark the release date September 13, 2022 on your calendar. If you want to get an idea of ​​the shooter before its release, you can do so with the demo on PC, PS5 or Xbox Series X. Hopefully Funcom and The Outsiders will also be present at Gamescom 2022 with the new Metal: Hellsinger demo.

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