“I have to come again as a vacationer”

zingst. Two years late, Max Giesinger arrives in Zingst next Tuesday, August 9. The 33-year-old is known for such hits as “80 million”, “When She Dances” and “Roulette”.

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Before the concert at the Festwiese, he tells OSTSEE-ZEITUNG why his current album is his most personal, why he likes to be by the sea and how the pandemic of the crown has changed it.

Your album “Vier” was released last year. You once called it your most personal record. Why?

Since the “80 million” started, I have practically been on the move non-stop. And when I look back at albums before “Vier”, being on the move was a leitmotif at the same time as finding a balance between speed and relaxation. A lot has happened there in recent years. I think I learned a few things about myself, dealt with the questions I couldn’t deal with in these troubled times. Many of my searches ended up with songwriting.

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Max Giesinger on the slowdown due to the pandemic

One song is “Sometime is now”. You sing in it that you want to spend more time with yourself and your family – but there is always something to come up. How are you a restless person?

For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to get out of the little village where I grew up, go out into the world and experience as much as possible. And somehow it is accompanied by the fear that I will miss something. I definitely know thoughts like “shouldn’t I be there or there right now?” or “isn’t the other side much hotter?” But there has also been a change in recent years. I was more interested in where this pressure comes from, which I end up putting only on myself.

Has the coronation pandemic caused the slowdown as well?

In the beginning, it really was, yes! After many years of constantly being on the road, the first blockade was like a handbrake for me. For the first time in a long time, I was in my apartment for days and had time for the things I always wanted to do. Eventually, I managed to prepare a few dishes, did a lot of sports, started yoga and read a lot. For the first time in a long time, I really calmed down.

Finally back on tour: “Best Ever!”

Now that you are on the road, what do you think about something happening again?

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This is the best ever! A real concert with a lot of people, when everyone is standing close to each other and just having fun and going to the music – that’s what you make music for after all. Now that we’ve played a few summer festivals, you can once again see how much you’ve missed it in recent years. And I have the impression that people who come to concerts feel the same.

You sing about throwing your cell phone away, criticizing that everything has to look perfect. On the other hand, you spend a lot of time on social networks. Is social media a blessing or a curse for you?

I also often ask myself this question. Last year I was in Bali and sat at a lovely restaurant right on the beach with super good food and efficient, great looking people around me. But instead of enjoying this environment, they’ve all been busy taking Instagram photos all the time and probably sending them to random people to show they’re in an amazing place right now – instead of just putting the phone down and really and really being there in this place. moment.

Max Giesinger lets fans participate on Instagram

Social media is very helpful for artists as it makes it easy to connect with fans and show them what’s going on. But it also makes you lose sight of how great the moment is and how much you already have to have fun and good now.

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Max Giesinger: “I really like the Baltic Sea”

The next song is “Berge”. There you sing “I’m going to the mountains until I see brighter”. So are you more of the mountain type? Can you also turn off at the seaside? What’s your connection to the Baltic Sea?

I think both are great, both hiking and beach vacation. If I’m in town for too long, I end up getting an animal that misses nature. And there is no better place to satisfy that than in the mountains. But I also really love the sea. I always really like the Baltic Sea when I’m here.

Information about the concert

Max Giesinger’s concert had to be postponed several times because of the crown. Now it will take place on August 9 at 19:00. Admission is at 5:30 PM. Tickets for the original events in 2020 and 2021 are still valid and do not need to be exchanged.

The causeway between the port and Hotel Marks will be closed from 5:00 pm on the day of the event.

You will be in Zingst on Tuesday. What do you like about Mecklenburg-Vorpommern?

I always have incredibly beautiful concerts here with you in the North and often in super unusual venues. I think that concerts on the island or on the beach in general always have a special atmosphere. It is always something like a collective hour and a half vacation.

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Waiting before Max Giesinger’s concert in Zingst

do you know zing Do you have time before the show to take a look at your venue?

I’ve never actually been here, but I’m really looking forward to finally getting to know your little peninsula. During the festival summer we always have to cover quite a long distance by bus and unfortunately there is often too little time to really get to know the area. So I just have to come again as a vacationer.

You entered the public at the picnic concerts in Rostock last year. How important is it for you to get off the stage and get closer to your fans?

Very important! We are only part of the whole on stage, sometimes the audience does not appreciate ourselves and how important it is for the atmosphere of the whole experience. And since everyone gets together there and lets go of everything else for an hour and a half, I think it’s really important to get in touch with each other a bit, get to know each other (if possible) and develop a sense of community.

Author: Katarzyna Ahlers

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