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The new Karlo store will open on August 20 in Rochlitzer Straße. There is food in the region from producers. And every Wednesday, a live event on the storefront.


After a few minutes, the semicircular piece of soap becomes a small work of art. Using a metal knife and scraper, Madlen Seigerschmidt carved a flowering rose into the soap. The 48-year-old is known far beyond Mittweida for creating artistic sculptures made of soap, but also fruits and vegetables. If you want to know how she does it, you might watch her at work soon. Because Madlen Seigerschmidt is setting up a transparent factory in his new store on Rochlitzer Straße. There, she wants to be observed at work once a week.

“A transparent factory has been my dream for a long time. Since I have always been asked by customers that they would like to see me make soaps. But in my previous store, there was no room for that, ”says the woman. from Altmittweidy, which on August 20 opened its new store at number 7. The shoes were sold there until 2019. Then the owners closed due to age. Madlen Seigerschmidt is now moving into her former company known as “Soap Piece” and “Food Sculpture” and reinventing it under the name “Karlo”. The name is an abbreviation and means: “KaufRegionalLOkal”.

The house belongs to Volksbank Mittweida. The bank took part in the “So gehtsächsisch – now act locally” competition organized by the Free State of Saxony and won € 5,000. “We wanted to do something for retail again during the Corona period and we were looking for cool ideas. This is how we got in touch with Madlen Seigerschmidt, ”informs authorized signatory Rico Schlegel. Along with it, the concept of a shop and manufactory was created. In addition to soap and decorated fruit and vegetables, it will also sell food from regional producers, incl. chocolate from Choco del Sol in Rochsburg, schnapps from the Striegistal distillery and the Torfgrube 4 distillery in Mittweida and coffee from the Reinhardt Roaster in Burgstadt. “I have been working with the people of Burgstadt for a long time. They grind particularly good coffee for me, which I use for one of my soaps, ”says Madlen Seigerschmidt.

The ground floor of the house has been undergoing renovation for several weeks. For the idea of ​​Transparent Factory to work, the space in front of one of the shop windows had to be converted into a new room. There, near the shop window, will be a sink and a place to work.

Pedestrians can then watch every Wednesday. The day of the week is an experiment, says Madlen Seigerschmidt. Because there is always a lot going on in the center of Mittweidy on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Then there’s the weekly market and there’s always a lot of people on the move. Wednesdays in the city are calmer. “That’s when we want to try to attract people to the city,” he says. Retailers nowadays would have to come up with a few ideas to win over customers. I need purchases. Therefore, it will work in the storefront in the future. It takes her a good two hours to turn a bar of soap into small pieces of art and boil the new soap. “I want to show that my job is a real craft that takes time and is complex.” In addition to flower shapes, he sculpts many other motifs in soap. There are hardly any limits to your creativity.

Soon, you will be able to buy a good 50 different soaps in her store. – The carved soaps are glycerin soaps. You can use them for decoration and as a room fragrance, because I will sell them with a 12-month fragrance guarantee – explains the woman from Altmittweida. But of course you can also wash yourself with soap: “Has a moisturizing effect.” Her hand-made soaps are natural soaps that primarily have a moisturizing effect.

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