Partnership meeting of the CDU associations in the Odra-Spree district

From left: Max Krüger (chairman of the Beeskow Senior Association), Willy Hagemann (district director of the CDU Oder-Spree), Heike Apelt (member of the KPV Krefeld County Executive Committee), Oliver Radzio (mayor of the Rietz-Neuendorf commune), Mehmet Demir (member of the CDU district board Krefeld and KPV Krefeld and the city council of Krefeld), Gisela Krüger (member of the Beeskow Senior Association), Heinz Lassowsky (entrepreneur and founder of the Foundation for the Promotion of Culture and Art in East Brandenburg), André Schaller, chairman of the CDU district in the Odra-Sprewa district and member of the state parliament Brandenburg), Mandy Schaller (entrepreneur and member of the social committee of the Woltersdorf municipality), Dr. Jürgen Schröter (former district mayor of Odra-Spree), Matthias Alward, church musician and cantor in St. Marien in Beeskow, Herbert Schirmer, former minister of culture), Peter Könen (member of the KPV Krefeld county board) (Photo: CDU Krefeld)

Krefeld. Under the leadership of the CDU district chairman of the Oder-Spree district André Schaller MdL and the member of the district executive committee of the CDU Krefeld district Mehmet Demir in the district city of Beeskow in the district of Oder-Spree, representatives of the district associations of the CDU Krefeld and the Oder-Spree with former district staroste Odra-Spree , dr. Jürgen Schröter, the last minister of culture in the GDR Herbert Schirmer and former chairman of the district and parliamentary faction of the CDU in the Beeskow district Heinz Lassowsky.

The focus was on the role and importance of city partnerships, which André Schaller and Mehmet Demir described as follows: “As different as the individual relationships were, and as different as the motivation to establish them. They all have one thing in common: they stand for the will to understand. Getting to know each other, overcoming mutual prejudices and mutual understanding have been and remain the main goals of city partnerships. “

He played a special role – as the staroste, Dr. Jürgen Schröter – German-German partnerships formed shortly before and shortly after reunification. As part of these partnerships, the East German municipalities received substantial help from their West German partner municipalities in finding their way into the new legal and constitutional system and in establishing the administration of the rule of law as the former Odra district staroste. -The Spree County is gratefully remembered for the very good cooperation with the council and administration of the city of Krefeld.

The meetings and experiences related to it were also helpful and useful for the West German partner municipalities and led to the important “knowledge and understanding” of the country and people in the former East Germany, said Krefeld CDU politician Mehmet Demir. Union politicians from Krefeld and agree with Odra-Spree County.

This goal is also served by the already practiced cultural exchange, which would lead to changes in art exhibitions in Krefeld and in the Odra-Spree district, as reported by culture expert Herbert Schirmer. Partnership-based cooperation can also be strengthened through regular student exchanges, mutual visits from comparable clubs and institutions or performances by cultural groups from a partner municipality. Heinz Lassowsky, an entrepreneur and founder of the East Brandenburg Art Promotion Foundation, who wants to “support this good cause” also agreed.

By naming streets, paths and squares with the names of partner communes, the partnership of communes can be made public. Even though the partnership between Oder-Spree County (formerly Beeskow) and the city of Krefeld has always lived through the mutual exchange of people, opinions and information, it is finally time to name the street after more than thirty years. years of partnership, said Krefeld CDU board member Mehmet Demir, who wants to campaign for this in Krefeld.

Regardless of this, the intention is to continue and intensify the partnership between the Odra-Spree district and the city of Krefeld both at the municipal and party-political level, as stated by the district president André Schaller from the Odra-Spree district in an agreement with friends from the party. This purpose is also served by the current meeting in the Odra-Spree district, which is also an expression of the special bond between the inhabitants of the Odra-Spree district and the city of Krefeld. At the heart of the links between sibling communities is also the overall exchange of information about community administration and policies. In this way, as the CDU leader from the Oder-Spree district underlined, mutual understanding and tolerance can be promoted. However, contact only comes alive through a lively exchange in the fields of education and culture, as well as business, sport and tourism. We want to intensify this exchange further.

In particular, the partners from East and West refer to the cultural projects that will be held on the occasion of the 750th anniversary of the city of Fürstenwalde in the city of the district of Odra-Spree with 33,000 inhabitants, and on the occasion of the 650th anniversary the city of Krefeld in velvet and Seidenstadt could be carried out. For example, a multimedia concert on the subject of “How is our land?”, Initiated by the church musician Beeskow Matthias Alward. Theatrical performances and music concerts with Krefeld artists and musicians, which could take place in the Odra-Spree district, would also be conceivable.

“We are delighted to invite the young political talents from Krefeld to the Brandenburg Junge Union Brandenburg Day on 15 and 16 November. October 2022 in Beeskow – said André Schaller MdL, chairman of the CDU district. There is a possibility of continuing the partnership exchange at the level of the CDU youth association: “We have to bring people, especially young people from West and East Germany together. They have to get to know each other and build bridges so that the German unity that we achieved legally and politically over 30 years ago also appears in people’s hearts ”.

Also for Krefeld CDU politician Mehmet Demir, it is important that as many people and institutions from East and West as possible are involved in partnership meetings and projects: “Civic engagement is the basis of the partnership between the Oder-Spree district and the city of Krefeld.”


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