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The Regional Association of Westphalia-Lippe (LWL) is entering a new territory: the Commission of the Antiquities of Westphalia and Archeology of the LWL is showing an “archaeological time machine” in Münster Arkaden. In special glasses, visitors watch short films in “virtual reality” quality at three archaeological sites in Westphalia-Lippe. The stand also has the “DeLorean” sports car from the cult movie “Back to the Future” (1985). The first stop is Munster.

In Virtual Reality (VR), you can travel back to the Neolithic, Roman and Medieval times for three minutes.

“Archeology and history at hand”

“There has never been such preparation of archaeological sites – on scientific grounds in virtual reality” – says the director of the LWL, dr hab. Georg Lunemann at the start in Münster Arkaden. The public can see the construction of the megalithic tomb of Great Sloopsteene near Westerkappeln from the Neolithic period between 3500 and 2800 BC, the arrival of the Roman general Drusus at the Haltern camp around 11 BC. and experience the attack on Holsterburg near Warburg in 1294 as if it were live there. The theme of the stand is the “real-time machine” from “Back to the Future”: a DeLorean replica owned by the Münster enthusiast.

“We want archeology and history to be a little more tangible, so we use resources from cinema or video games. And thanks to the Archaeological Time Machine, we go where the people are, ”continues Lunemann. VR videos and accompanying documents on social media are easy for anyone to understand.

“This is a pioneering LWL culture project,” emphasizes Thomas Tenkamp, ​​Managing Director of the Westfälische Pro-Vinzial Versicherung Cultural Foundation, which supports the project. “We are convinced of new formats for clearly communicating the cultural history of Westphalia. We are happy to be able to support this. “

fltr: dr. Verena Brieske (LWL Antiquities Commission for Westphalia), Thomas Tenkamp (Westphalian Provincial Insurance Cultural Foundation) and Dr. Georg Lunemann (LWL Regional Director) at the beginning of the “Archaeological Time Machine” city tour with the DeLorean car from “Back to the Future”.© LWL / Witte

fltr: dr. Verena Brieske (LWL Antiquities Commission for Westphalia), Thomas Tenkamp (Westphalian Provincial Insurance Cultural Foundation) and Dr. Georg Lunemann (LWL Regional Director) at the beginning of the “Archaeological Time Machine” city tour with the DeLorean car from “Back to the Future”.

© LWL / Witte

“Meeting of the audience and science”

“We want to show in a sensual, understandable and fun way what treasures are hidden under our feet and how carefully we examine them using the latest technology,” said Dr. Vera Brieske, managing director of the Westphalian Antiquities Commission. “We want public opinion and science to meet – directly and playfully.”

To make this encounter possible, play a show in Münster Arkaden where you don’t expect to learn. The show is accompanied by a campaign in social media. The emphasis is on finds from the region and places from VR movies. Local history finds will be featured in the Show & Tell series on Instagram.

Virtual time travel in VR movies

  • The Younger Stone Age: The decisive moment in the construction of the megalithic tomb “Große Sloopsteene” in Lotte-Wersen: the last boulder weighing several tons was installed with ropes, pulleys and levers and with the help of many helpers. Viewers are part of this community.
  • Roman period: In everyday life in the Roman camp of Haltern, two soldiers play outside their tent to pass the time. Then General Drusus appears and the unreal female figure disturbs the legionnaires and spectators. Is she a Germanic fairy?
  • Middle Ages: Overwhelming crampedness in Holsterburg near Warburg. The child plays in the open passage leading to the fortress. Suddenly the security guards sound the alarm. A catapult aimed at the castle, threatening the inhabitants and soldiers. The audience is in the middle.

social media

On the channels of the Antiquities Commission:


From all the regions of Westphalia-Lippe, finds and archaeological sites from the Neanderthal period to the present day are represented in the “Archaeological Time Machine”: in VR movies, in the YouTube series “Archaeological Time Travel” and in the Instagram series “Show & Say”.

In the long term, VR films will continue to be shown to the public at the LWL archaeological museums. Additionally, if you have VR glasses, you will be able to buy “Time Machine” movies from the app store (Meta’s Quest store first) and watch them at home (also in English).

Titanic Theater

During the “Archaeological Time Machine” season, the “Theater Titanick” artistic intervention takes place in the arcades for three days: the “Stone Age up close” urban project.

The “stone people” pull the stones from the city center into the arcades and explore an unknown space, as if from a bygone era. Some pull a wooden cart loaded with stones. In the arcades vault they will build a tomb for the last ritual in memory of their ancestors.

He continues the urban art project of the Titanick Theater “Creatures” from “Flurstücken 2019”.

The project is independent of the time machine, but it is thematically related.

Performances (starting in the city center on Ludgeristraße):

Monday, 08.08. 17: 00-17: 30

Friday, 08/12 17: 00-17: 30

Saturday, 13.08. 1:30 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.

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