Two hours before the pool closes: The snack bar next to the outdoor pool in Mittweida therefore closes at 18:00 | Free press

The von Ginsheim family has been providing bathers with fries, ice cream and other dishes for 30 years. She is surprised to receive negative comments on the rating portal.


The smell of fries belongs to the outdoor pool like ice cream to summer. It is no different in Mittweida. The von Ginsheim family has been running a snack bar there for 30 years. Previously in the car, since the renovation of the outdoor swimming pool in the building directly at the entrance. What do they have little understanding for? Users who complain on the Google ratings portal that the snack bar does not cover the entire outdoor pool opening hours from 8:00 to 20:00.

Pula has 376 reviews on Google, mostly positive. “Great pool for kids too. The reason I’m counting down 1 star is the opening time of the snack bar. Warm food only until 5:30 pm, closes at 6:00 pm. Even if the pool is full and so many people run to the snack bar, it’s over at 18:00 !! ”, writes the user and takes up a topic that is occupied by several bathers on the portal.

When asked about this, snack bar operator Petra von Ginsheim says: “We’ve been standing on our feet since 7am.” Due to bottlenecks at suppliers, they now have to import many products themselves, even ice cream and drinks. After work like preparing salads in the morning, they now open their snack bar at 9.30am. The first guests are already arriving: adults buying cappuccinos, children spending pocket money in rubber hoses. It will be a hit soon. Petra von Ginsheim is distributing fries, burgers and currywurst over the counter. “What do you get, my dear?” He asks the boy politely. Falko von Ginsheim keeps pouring French fries into hot frying oil, son Patrick translates hamburgers. Good team. They only take a break from 2:30 pm to 3:00 pm. Most of the customers will understand it, they report it.

And even if they lower the blinds at the snack bar at 6pm, they’re not at the end of the day anyway. Then it’s time for new drinks and food. “After a day like this we are full in the evening,” says Petra von Ginsheim.

At the Mittweida outdoor pool for 30 years

When the family is not working by the outdoor pool, they run the “A La Carte” bistro on Weberstrasse. It all started with a broiler truck, thanks to which she started her own business in the GDR, says Petra von Ginsheim. 30 years ago, she and her husband took over the snack delivery at the outdoor pool. The son of Patrick von Ginsheim completed his master’s degree as chef and joined the family business.

Some visitors to the outdoor swimming pool have known her for so long that now they come with their children. It’s nice to stay in touch with the people of Mittweida, snack bar operators say. As long as they are doing well, they will continue, even if Falko von Ginsheim may have already retired. But he doesn’t want to retire yet. When he is not cooking, he works as a tour guide in his hometown.

Positive balance in the middle of the holiday

The outdoor pool is very busy this summer, reports pool boss René Fucik. From 500 to 1500 visitors a day, similar to previous years. It doesn’t get cramped on the sunbathing lawn or in the pool area, guests are well placed. June 20 has been a record day with 2,854 bathers, says cashier Silvia Hölzel after reading her statistics.

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