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beauty and ecstasy

Tue 09/08/22 | 14:49 | FROM Hans Ackerman

Guido Werner

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Over the next two weeks, the Gendarmenmarkt will host around 20 concerts with various European youth orchestras at the Young Euro Classic festival. Also present: the youth orchestra of the European Union. Author: Hans Ackerman

The concert of the European Youth Orchestra of the European Union opens with music from the first half of the 20th century in the almost sold out Konzerthaus in Berlin. Under the direction of the Spanish conductor Gustavo Gimeno, the EU Youth Orchestra performs the music of Igor Stravinsky “Scherzo Fantastique” composed in 1907. The instruments “spin” nimbly, when the natural spectacle is imitated: “Le Vol de l’Abeille – the flight of the bees”, a colorful orchestral piece bears this nickname.

4,000 applications from all over the EU

About 4,000 young musicians aged 14 to 24 apply each year to the renowned EU Youth Orchestra based in Ferrara, Italy. After intensive work phases, the top 140 are finally ready to embark on their acclaimed European tours – they have just rehearsed for three weeks in Grafenegg, Austria. Nine out of ten graduates of the ensemble founded in 1976 later work in or with professional orchestras.

Former orchestra member as soloist

Like the French violinist Renaud Capuçon, who will play this evening with the orchestra “Poème op. 25 “by Ernest Chausson, followed by the enchantingly beautiful” Havanaise op. 83 “by Camille Saint-Saens. After these two songs, young musicians celebrate Capuçon with mad applause, let their strings swing enthusiastically up and down, stamping their feet. Because Capuçon is one of them, and like the conductor Gustavo Gimeno, he gained his first experience on big stages in “EUYO”, the European Union Youth Orchestra.

Two types of roller

After the hiatus, Richard Strauss’s Rosenkavalier Suite is on the program. With great sounds, the orchestra shows how confidently it knows how to deal with this masterpiece of modern instrumentation. The arcades where the sounds of the horn and cello blend in unison are wonderful, then the mighty trombones blast, and time and time again some highly trained musicians can weave small solos.

The suite is a tribute to the Viennese waltz, which Richard Strauss skillfully spiced up with all kinds of modern sounds. A successful evening with the orchestra ends in three or four times, although “a la française”. The poem “La Valse” by Maurice Ravel, composed in 1919, offers a fragile beauty, but at the end also furious orchestral ecstasies that the energetic orchestra revels in until the last beat.

plant sounds

The motto ‘Here the Future is Playing’ will be re-implemented on Tuesday night – and even taken literally when the Portuguese youth orchestra ‘Jovem Orquestra Portuguesa’ performs the world premiere of contemporary music in addition to the symphonies by Haydn and Bruckner. A work that the only 22-year-old Portuguese composer Marta Domingues called “How to plant a sound”.

Subsequent youth orchestras will “plant” their new and young sounds at the “Young Euro Classic 2022” until August 21 – at the festival, which for the first time in two years will be held under almost regular conditions in Konzerthaus am Gendarmenmarkt Móc.

Live recording of the concert can be streamed on Arte.

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Contribution by Hans Ackermann

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