Interview with Patricia Kelly from the Kelly family before the concert in Leipzig

Leipzig. Patricia Kelly starts afresh: family member Kelly is embarking on a double tour since fall – both solo and with the family. A conversation about Corona, the difficulties in the music business and why your tour starts in Leipzig.

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You recently performed in Florian Silbereisen’s Big Hit Comeback at the New Leipzig Exhibition Center – your first performance in a long time, right?

Yes, it was the first time with my siblings since November 2021, then a great Christmas show with Florian Silbereisen. It was good to start again because it is rusting a bit after eight months.

This period of rusting in the music industry was a little longer, already a good two and a half years, during which Corona made business a lot more difficult. How did you spend this time?

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At the beginning I had a lot of time with my family, but professionally I had nothing to do, just various things. I’ve been in the studio a lot, at zoom conferences, recorded my album “Unbreakable”, worked a lot on social media, created perfumes and participated in many TV appearances. And for the first time, I wrote songs with my son Iggi.

To the person

Patricia Kelly was born in Gamonal, Spain in 1969, the sixth child of her father, Daniel Jerome Kelly. She started playing music at the age of five and has been an integral part of the Kelly family ever since. Since 1989, he has also been responsible for managing the group. In 2008, at the same time, she began her solo career and is also the honorary ambassador of the Breast Cancer Association in Germany.

Who were they?

The first was “Doll”, the second single from the album. I sent my label 25 songs to choose from but didn’t tell them who wrote what. Twelve were then selected – four of them, which were created together with Iggi. It was a big step for him as an artist.

So the decision that your son wrote it down did not come until after the selection?

Exactly – he wants him to create it as a songwriter and musician by his talent, not his name. He also recently received an award for songwriting, but thought the notification text message was a joke. When the awards ceremony was over, his producer called him and asked where he would be staying, he had to go on stage. (laughs) Unfortunately, he didn’t make it.

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Songs that give you strength and courage

Your current album “Unbreakable” is a strong, positive record – is that your strategy for dealing with difficult things like Corona?

Yes, but I have to admit that I also wrote a lot of dark mood songs that didn’t make it to the album. These were the two absolute extremes. Then the decision was made to choose songs that give strength and courage, on the one hand to encourage me and on the other hand people. We, as musicians and all the people we employ in our work, did not spare this crisis. For two years we had almost no income, because now we earn almost only from concerts. Especially the last year was one of the most difficult in my life, also because I lost two very close people. So this album helped transform it all in a positive way.

Have many people from your professional community left the industry during this time?

Many remained steadfast and in the meantime took up teaching jobs, which saved them from the pandemic. But others, especially in the technical field like the backliner and roadies, are gone. As a result, we now lack a lot of people for the concert infrastructure. And the ones still there are fully booked. Tickets for most of the concerts that are taking place now and are full were sold out two or three years ago. This picture of everything working again is deceptive. People are still reluctant to buy tickets for newly announced concerts. This is a big problem.

Is it because of fear of the new fall wave or because of inflation?

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Both. With all the current difficulties, people understandably look more and more at what they spend their money on. Music, concerts are luxury goods. But not for the soul. He needs more than just bread and sleep, and he needs something uplifting. And art can do it. From the positive feedback after my performances, I can also see how good it is for people.

Two trips since fall

And now you are going on a solo tour from September and from October with Kelly Family. So after a long break you will do a double program right away?

Of course we had to wait long enough! (laughs) People will see Patricia on stage who is full of energy and longing and who enjoys what she does.

How do you have to imagine relationships in Kelly’s family?

Before Corona, we started holding annual clan meetings. They lasted for two days and they were really great, only the new generation has 25 now I guess. Everyone was cordially invited – and we want to continue this as soon as possible. Otherwise, you don’t meet very often because half of the family live abroad. The other one lives in Germany and, of course, sees himself more often. Let me put it this way: you get on better with some than with others, which is perfectly normal.

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Unique love from the GDR

You entered Covid-19 in 2021. For someone who relies on his voice, it must have been particularly difficult …

I had pneumonia and couldn’t sing for three months, so I had to professionally rebuild my voice. Thank god it went well. But there was also neuralgia, that is, neuralgia in the area of ​​the lower jaw. On the other hand, I have been taking medications since December, but I am reducing them more and more and I am about to stop taking them.

How do you perceive crowds after such an illness, especially when you are on stage? Do you feel safer – are you even more afraid?

I don’t want to live in fear, but I still have great respect for the virus. Even if I think that if he hits me again, it won’t be as bad as last time.

Your tour will begin on September 23 at Haus Auensee. Was it a deliberate decision to start in Leipzig?

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At least that should start in the new federal states. The East has always been good to us as the Kelly Family and I believe it has brought us to where we are today in Germany. We received a lot of support from here after reunification. I can’t explain it exactly, but East Germans are in a way “more Irish” than Germans: very warm, very humane, very down to earth. And we get along very well there.

Information: Patricia Kelly on the “Unbreakable” tour: 23 September at Haus Auensee and 24 September at Alter Schlachthof Dresden. Tickets from € 61.90 are available in the Peterssteinweg 19 ticket gallery, online or on 0800 2181 050.

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