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Anyone who listens to music only superficially knows John Oates maybe as part of the hit pop duo Hall & Oates. Few people probably know that the 73-year-old started his career in folk and blues music in the 1960s, before he met Daryl Hall. That’s why some were surprised by his 2018 album Americana “Arkansas”. What a tribute to the Mississippi John Hurt it was planned as a rediscovery of Oates’ own roots and a return to delta blues, country and ragtime and became a really good, engaging album. “Americana at its best,” he wrote then.

Now John Oates performs songs from the album live for the first time Germany before. He is a special guest of the American tour of the blues and rock singer Beth Hart and is accompanied by a guitarist Guthrie Trappwho has also been to Arkansas and is one of the best guitarists Nashville has to offer. They will both be there for ten Beth Hart shows in October and November.

I started out as a root, blues and folk musician

On the occasion of concerts in Germany, corresponded overseas with the music legend John Oates. Hall & Oates is one of the greatest pop duos of all time. You are now playing as special guest Beth Hart. How is it?

John Oates: Now I stand for musical individuality and it is very important to me to go beyond traditional Hall & Oates fans to present a completely different style of music to a whole new audience. Beth Hart’s audiences are hardcore music lovers and I know they will like what we do with Guthrie Trapp. With “Hall & Oates” you have created a successful mixture of soul, rhythm & blues and 1980’s pop. Arkansas is a fantastic album from Americana & Roots. How important are your roots to you?

John Oates: I started out as a root, blues and folk musician many years before meeting Daryl Hall, so this style is as authentic to me as any other music I have made with Hall & Oates. Can we expect a new “Arkansas” style album with Guthrie Trapp, Sam Bush & Co?

John Oates: Guthrie and I have prepared a special one-of-a-kind CD from the legendary Station Inn in Nashville, which will be available at concerts in Germany. Country and Americana would be unthinkable without a large African-American contribution. But in recent years, the United States has again had many racial conflicts. What do you think about it?

John OatesA: Unfortunately, racial tensions and conflicts date back to 18th century America and have never really been resolved. I have great respect and respect for the music that is emerging from the Deep South, and I want to honor these influences by preserving these traditions. You are now seventy. Your buddy Bob Dylan, now 81, still touring, others like Joan Baez have retired. How long do you want to go on tour?

John Oates: I still love to play live and that’s something that keeps me in my heart and inspires me to learn and improve. So I guess I’ll go on until I can’t physically anymore, or until people want to listen to my music anymore.

John Oates as a special guest with Beth Hart

October 31, 2022 in Berlin – Tempodrom
November 2, 2022 in Stuttgart – Liederhalle
November 4, 2022 in Baden-Baden – Festspielhaus
November 6, 2022 in Mannheim – Rosengarten
November 8, 2022 in Dusseldorf – Mitsubishi Electric Hall
November 10, 2022 in Hanover – Hala Cupola
11/12/22 in Trier – Arena
November 14, 22 in Munich – Circus Krone
November 18, 2022 in Hamburg – Arena
20/11/22 in Frankfurt – Centennial Hall

John Oates – Arkansas: Album

John Oates - Arkansas

title: Arkansas
Artist: John Oates
release date: February 2, 2018
labels: Thirty Tigers (Alive)
format: CD, vinyl and digital
Duration: 33:16 minutes
songs: 10
genre: Americana

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Track list: (Arkansas)

01. Anytime
02. Arkansas
03. My Creole Belle
04. Soft and low palette
05. Miss Mississippi and you
06. A pile of O Lee
07. This will never happen again
08. Kick deep
09. Lord send me
10. Spike Driver Blues

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