Rammstein Tour 2023: Till Lindemann Announces New Tour – Talks About New Years Eve Concert in Munich

At the end of a successful European tour, Rammstein and singer Till Lindemann promised new concerts in the coming year. “Thank you Europe, see you 2023,” Lindemann (59) wrote on Friday on his Instagram account. The Berlin band (“Zeit”) faded in the colors of twelve countries on Thursday evening at the final concert for Europe in Ostend, Belgium – each with the annotation “See you in 2023!”.

Planned Germany and other countries

Rammstein then plans concerts in Germany and eleven other European countries with his show, which is characterized by fire, firecrackers and lighting effects. Flags of Poland, France, Denmark, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Belgium and Austria as well as Slovakia and Switzerland were also displayed.

There was no official announcement of the band.

Discussions about the concert in Munich

In Munich, Rammstein wants to give a mega concert with 145,000 spectators on New Year’s Eve – but whether this internationally popular band will be given the go-ahead is questionable. The city council is likely to agree in principle to the allocation of Theresienwiese on Wednesday. However, the district administration department (KVR) responsible for approval has serious concerns, as do the police and other parties involved.

“The organizer expects about 145,000 spectators for the Rammstein concert on Theresienwiese,” reads the document from the meeting of the Department of Labor and Economics. The office endorses this great event: The fair “will attract considerable attention to Munich, far beyond the city limits” and, in addition to the usual increase in sales for the hotel and catering industry, “it will also function worldwide primarily as an advertising medium for Munich as a cultural and tourist destination” .

Possible collision with Tollwood Festival

On the other hand, KVR as the approving body focuses more on organization and, above all, on safety. “This is a major event and has not yet happened on the Theresienwiese in this way,” emphasized KVR spokesman Tobias Kapfelsberger. There is a lot to explain, from cooperation with the police and fire department, which are already under heavy strain on New Year’s Eve, to security concepts, escape and rescue routes, to arrival and departure by car and train. Especially since the traditional Winter Tollwood is also taking place at the same time. “We don’t think it is possible to organize a Rammstein concert with sound and security for 145,000 people at the same time as our New Year’s Eve party and a relatively quiet New Year’s Eve gala with circus theater performances and swing dancing,” explained the organizers of the Tollwood Festival. The Tollwood Winter Festival has been held since 1992, with the New Year’s Eve party and gala. On Theresienwiese for 22 years.

“It will definitely be tight”

Such mass events, which are held in one location for the first time, usually have a completion time of up to a year, explained Kapfelsberger. The fact that Oktoberfest usually takes place every year on Theresienwiese does not change anything due to completely different circumstances. Especially after the deadly incidents at the Love Parade in Duisburg in 2010, the security authorities took an even more careful scrutiny of these concepts. “Now there are still 4.5 months to go – it will definitely be tight,” emphasized Kapfelsberger.

Therefore, it will probably only be known in a relatively short time whether the concert will be approved as planned or not. “But it’s not always a yes or no, it can also be something in between.” The group did not find out at first.

Last ten concerts in Germany

Recently, Rammstein played ten famous shows in Germany alone in the second leg of the current tour, which was postponed twice because of the crown. With the upcoming North American concerts Lindemann, guitarists Richard Kruspe (55) and Paul Landers (57), keyboardist Christian “Flake” Lorenz (55), bassist Oliver Riedel (51) and drummer Christoph Schneider (56) are on 42 concerts on stage. In the first part, over a million fans visited 30 shows in 2019, including ten shows in Germany.

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