Tenor star Jay Alexander is giving an open-air concert on Hornisgrinde

Highest mountain in the northern Black Forest

Tenor star Jay Alexander chose an unusual location for a concert at a fan club meeting: the singer will perform at Hornisgrinde, the highest peak of the Northern Black Forest.

On Sunday, August 14, Jay Alexander will perform at his fan club meeting in Hornisgrinde.

Photo: Ron Teeger

The tenor star has long dreamed of his idea. Meanwhile, Jay Alexander’s request obtained the necessary official approval and thus the green light. On Sunday 14 August, the singer from the Enzkreis district will meet fans on the highest mountain in the Northern Black Forest.

The program of the fan club meeting at the top of Hornisgrinde also includes an outdoor concert. Good news for all fans who want to be there: admission is free.

“It is simply wonderful up there”, admire the tenor of the unique view of the Rhine valley from Grindehütte near the old tower Hornisgrinde on the 1,164 meter-high Black Forest peak. When the visibility is good, you can see all the way to Freiburg. A good place to hang out – and a unique place for an open-air concert.

The singer goes to the top with the fans

However, fans who want to experience their crush up close must first walk about 2,000 meters. Jay Alexander welcomes his followers at the Hotel Mummelsee on the Schwarzwaldhochstraße (B 500) at 4:00 PM, and then climbs some 125 meters high with them. The path is paved and, depending on your walking speed, can be completed in 30 to 40 minutes.

The highlight of the meeting is an hour-long concert with Jay Alexander in Grindehütte. He will be accompanied by pianist Juan Tcherevatskaja. The program will be a trip to the repertoire of a classically educated opera singer. “Querbeet – as you know me,” says Jay Alexander, describing the song selection. “From crossover to aria, anything is possible.”

Gabriele Eckert-Esselen from Karlsruhe has been running the Jay Alexander fan club with around 100 members since 2014. The party at the highest peak in the Northern Black Forest is the fifth club meeting. To this day, the tax advisor does not regret his commitment to the singer, whose versatility he particularly appreciates. “It’s just fun.”

In the course of work, she also met many nice people and even met two of her best friends. She cannot say how many concerts of her idol have been at the concert. However, the meeting at Hornisgrinde will also be a premiere for her: “I haven’t been upstairs yet”.

The singer plays the role of moderator in Ettlingen

Already the previous evening, on Saturday 13 August, the tenor is making new paths at the Hotel Erbprinz in Ettlingen. As moderator, Jay Alexander will present the exclusive “Talk & Dinner” series in an elegant hotel.

His interlocutors are prominent: Guido Buchwald, 1990 world football champion, singer Pe Werner (“tingling in the stomach”), former chairman of the Porsche works council Uwe Hück, as well as SWR presenter Kristian Thees and circus clown Coreggio aka Raoul Schoregge, which also manages the Chinese national circus.

This is the third event of this type for the tenor star, and the talks will be accompanied by music: Jay Alexander will perform songs from his repertoire. He will also sing with Pe Werner. At the end of the exclusive round, participants will be offered a three-course menu from the iconic Erbprinz cuisine with accompanying wines.

Soon after, the Marshall & Alexander duo is slowly but surely coming to an end. With three concerts in three days, Jay Alexander and the baritone Marc Marshall of Baden-Baden will be hosting the duo’s farewell tour, which will take place August 23-25 ​​at the Volksschauspiele Ötigheim stage.

The separation of Marshall and Alexander is imminent

The split is not a surprise. This has been announced for a long time. Due to the pandemic of the crown, the planned last joint route has already been postponed twice. “Together they are unique,” says Eckert-Eselen.

He already has a concert ticket for each of the three evenings in Ötigheim.

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