With fun and lots of excitement from Kiel to Wolfsburg / WRC

The first leg of the 2022 Olympic Rally Revival is history – and it makes you want more. Many fans cheered on the participants on the 360 ​​kilometers from Wilhelmplatz in Kiel to the Autostadt in Wolfsburg.

Especially at the stops in Lübeck, Adendorf and Wittingen, the teams passed a number of fans. MdB Carsten Müller was the guest of the bands the previous evening. The chairman of the commission for automotive cultural goods in the Bundestag said: “Even today, there were already a lot of people on the streets, I know that in my native Braunschweig there are many extra activities planned by fans. Müller himself was the pilot of the ADAC Bulli road patrol on the Monday leg. The old man on the T1 bus drives the entire party using climate-neutral synthetic fuel e-fuel.

For Walter Röhrl, this vintage car rally is “an exercise in indifference”, he explains with a smile. “I just wasn’t born to be slow driving “. After he had to retire shortly before the finish line due to a technical glitch in 1972, this time precautions were taken: “We have some cars with us, this time I want to get to the finish line. But seriously, these days I am more and more aware of how much the Olympic rally changed my life back then. I suddenly turned from a small private driver to a sought-after professional. ”

For Jochie Kleint, European champion from 1979, the Olympic rally is also associated with many emotions. “The fact that Walter (Röhrl) is here with Capri, which my late brother Ernie then prepared and set up, gives me goosebumps. These are very emotional memories for me. “

72-year-old Harald Schardt from Lübeck supported the organizers during the morning espresso stop at the Junge bakery in Lübeck. He himself especially mentions the start in Kiel. At 22, he started racing and built a headband in his Cadet as a heating engineer. In Kiel, he was approached by participants who were refused to start due to the lack of a bow in their Cadet. They quickly reached an agreement, the cage changed hands, it was rebuilt and the start was ensured.

Already in the first break, Christian and Toni Schmidt were satisfied with the start. They drive the Schotten-Ascona built by Reinhard Heinbach from 1971: “The first thing this morning was relieved that it had finally all started. So far it has been a very demanding start with many different tasks. »

The start was especially emotional for the brothers Juha and Vesa Mikkola, sons of the late rally legend Hannu Mikkola. Her father had already agreed to take part in the revival and represented him in the Audi Quattro, which was intended for Hannu. “The sound of this car reminds us of Dad every meter. There is no nicer way to think about him and remember him. “

At the finish line, Günther Kühlewein and Nico Halbgebauer (NSU Spyder Cabrio, built in 1967) were delighted with “amazing roads” that we do not know in the south. There are a lot of fans on the tour. For Christina and Joachim Graf von Finckenstein, the first stage was “a great start to this unique event. Part of that was scavenger hunting today, which was really fun with our 1972 Autobianchi A112 Abarth.

Day 3 (Wednesday, 10/08/2022) – 336 km – 7 special stages
Paderborn – Warstein – Meinerzhagen – Cologne
Day 4 (Thursday, 8/11/2022) – 483 km – 8 special stages
Cologne – Gemünden – Kaiserslautern – Speyer (longest stage)
Day 5 (Friday, 08/12/2022) – 425 km – 8 special stages
Speyer – Hockenheim – Neckarsulm – Gunzenhausen – Greding – Regensburg
Day 6 (Saturday, 13/08/2022) – 317 km – 9 special stages
Regensburg – Konzell – Grün – Plattling – Pilsting – Landshut – Munich

Each day’s stage has two parts, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. While the route may vary, some key points are always the same. Several original 1972 tests are performed each day. Between take-off and lunch break and on the afternoon stage, there is an espresso stop for delivering and dropping off the drinks. The exact route along with travel times for individual fan planning is published on the olympiarallye72.com website.

Time schedule – Wednesday August 10, 2022 (1 vehicle each:

Paderborn to Cologne (354 km)

07:31: Pderborn
07:49: Alfen
08:11: Böddeken
08:16: SS 17
08:33: Weiberg
08:44: Cry
09:00: Ruthena
09:01: SS 18
09:22: Altenburen
09:41: SS 19
09:41: Kallenhardt
09:51: Warstein
10:01: SS 20
10:21: Hirschberg
10:43: Wildshausen
10:59: Grevenstein
11:07 am: Meinkenbracht
11:21: WP 21
11:23: Lazy Butter
11:39: Roll the corners
12:09: Hunswinkel
12:26: Meinerzhagen
1:36 PM: SS 22
1:54 pm: Boerlinghausen
2:03 pm: Marienheide
2:11 pm: Dohrgaul
2:25 pm: Jörgensmühle
14:31: SS 23
2:39 pm: Kaltenborn
14:57: Vilkerath
3:06 pm: SS 24
3:16 pm: Seelscheid
3:37 pm: Birches
3:48 pm: Holy House
4:29 PM: Cologne / Motorworld

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